Intelligent Optical Systems announces the eNose® Aqua contamination detection monitor for refillable water bottles in the three- to five-gallon size range for home office delivery (HOD). The monitor is integrated into automated leak-detection systems and in standalone contamination testing systems. Common contaminants detected are hydrocarbons (e.g., fuels or cleaners), flavor additives or ingredients, alcohols, ammonia-based compounds or mixtures (e.g., cleaners or urine) and sulfur compounds. Located upstream from the bottle-washing system, the monitor identifies contaminated bottles, which can be rejected before entering the washer and transferring the contamination from one to thousands of bottles. Water producers can avoid costly line shutdowns and ensure the taste and aroma quality of their water is not compromised. The eNose Aqua and NoseChip® sensor technology is protected by over 60 patents. A handheld version will be available soon for spot checks throughout the water production process in bottling plants worldwide., (626) 768-2626


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