Everpure’s upgraded Helia™ Instant Hot & Chilled Water Dispenser now features an enhanced frame and greater capacity to produce more cold water. This system merges the convenience of the Solaria™ Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Polaria™ Instant Chilled Water Dispenser into one easy-to-install unit. With customizable temperature controls, the appliance can heat water up to 200°F (93.3°C) and as low as 40°F (4.4°C). A redesigned ‘ice bank’ increases production of cold water from 25 to 30 liters (6.6 to 7.9 gallons) per hour, and from four to seven liters (1.05 to 1.84 gallons) at once. www.everpure.com, (800) 323-7873


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