Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Pools, waterparks, fountains and spas are traditional refuges during the summer months. This year, excessive temperatures and the rush to find ways to keep cool are keeping many of these facilities much busier than usual. For operators, that means having the best possible treatment options in place to ensure the safety of patrons and personnel. Water treatment and water safety go hand in hand.

The recently passed Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, which requires the installation or replacement of drains to inhibit drowning by suction, affects a broad range of pool and spa owners, operators and users, including those in housing and apartment developments, motels, hotels and other venues. Water safety is the core element of many policy programs and enhanced security methods for preventing drowning and near-drowning incidents is at the top of the list for many policy makers. There are several safety issues that can be mitigated with simple methods and common sense. Dr. Susan Rivera of the WC&P Technical Review Committee writes about the different ‘barrier’ approaches available to pool and spa owners and operators.

Public safety policy is also responsible for even stricter requirements to assure contaminants are removed from recreational water facilities, usually through chemical processes. A newer innovation in pool and spa treatment options, based on a wholly natural product found in many places around the world, could change the way chemicals are used. The introduction of sphagnum moss into large water facilities and parks is providing new test data for non-chemical treatment. Dr. David Knighton and Vance Fiegel take a closer look at the results of those deployments and the efficacy of this interesting water treatment option. They also touch on the natural ‘cleaning’ properties of the moss that could one day become useful in other applications.

Ozone, usually thought of as a treatment for pools and spas, is gaining traction in the residential market place, through advanced technology and equipment. As the move toward more eco-friendly products and processes progresses, the spotlight on ozone is expanding. Diann Gleason of Ozotech, Inc. offers a simple ozone primer on the benefits of using ozone in other applications, such as POU/POE treatment.

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