The Safe Water Team (SWT) has partnered with the Honduras government, Health and Humanitarian Outreach Projects (HHOP), Triple Quest, the Honduran Coffee Growers Association and Vida Abundante Ministry to implement a large-scale Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter project in Honduras. The organizations have launched a large-scale implementation plan with the long-term goal of installing 40,000 units during the next five years. The program began with a 60-day implementation plan from March and April 2011. HHOP will maintain an inventory of filters, sand and related installation materials, and will supervise a team of trained installers, who will install all the filters as directed by the Honduras government. The installed cost of each filter will be approximately $115. The NGOs will assure that the filters are used properly on a long-term basis, and Triple Quest and HHOP will provide training and technical support to the NGOs as required. The Honduras government is providing direct funding for the project, and SWT is partnered with the Honduras government to develop a funding plan to complement its efforts. Additional funding will be provided by Rotary clubs, churches, large international funding sources and contributions from SWT Corporate Social Responsibility partners.


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