Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Across the nation, abnormal temperatures and weather patterns have been creating havoc all year. Now it looks like fall weather is beginning to show itself everywhere, even in the Southwest, which means many areas will be coming to grips with the annual winterization process. While this doesn’t really seem to be an issue in the more southerly regions, it still is important to make sure the proper steps are taken to ensure equipment, fixtures and plumbing are adequately protected. Whether it’s residential, commercial or larger facilities, weather damage to infrastructure and equipment can result in cascading failures that affect water quality for entire communities. And nobody wants their Thanksgiving dinner ruined because of that!

Speaking of larger facilities, this is the month for WC&P to tackle big-water applications, and we are presenting several across a large spectrum. The International Desalination Association has provided an article by Lisa Henthorne (previously released solely in their association newsletter) that covers pretreatment for desalination, while Pentair’s Beth Adams focuses on the cruise ship industry’s efforts to provide potable water for passengers. Filip Rochette of Belgium-based PuriTech writes about ion exchange technology for nitrate removal in municipal and industrial water treatment environs. Evan Lubofsky, Onset Computer Corporation, provides insight on municipal system operational efficiency, using data logging to determine where savings may be gained by monitoring equipment patterns.

Who hasn’t encountered a problem with septic system odors at campsites? Klaus Voss and John Norton offer a case study on sludge and odor removal at an RV site using technology that has been used throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Although the vacation season may be ending in most areas, there are still some vacationers out there who would appreciate having clean facilities wherever they go.

David Martin’s bi-monthly Creative Marketing column provides a comprehensive look at the electronic tools available to every business, large and small, that will reach a greater number of customers. Gary Coon makes another appearance with his unique marketing and sales perspective, a thought-provoking piece that should have you asking if your customers are really yours.

Rounding out our coverage are recaps of InterBev/IBWA and PWQA annual conferences. As usual, we have great images of the movers and shakers in the water treatment industry, giving us a unique picture of the importance of continued attendance. Keep an eye on Upcoming Events for the latest additions to the calendar for the rest of the year and well into 2011. We want you to know where the important shows are happening so you can plan accordingly. And we hope to see you at some of the upcoming events that WC&P will be attending, such as WQA Aquatech in March.

And finally, the staff of WC&P would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. Until we meet again, let’s keep it positive out there, okay?




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