Waterline Technology announced Hellen-brand, Inc. has been established as a Regional Distribution Center for its Always fresh drinking water products. Hellenbrand Water Center provides water treatment service and products to end-users in and around Dane County (WI) and Hellenbrand Inc.’s 25,000-square-foot facility in Waunakee industrial park manufactures a wide range of water treatment products for the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment markets.?

Alcon® has appointed EMSCO Sales and Engineering Inc. to represent Alcon valves in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. EMSCO was founded in 1970, specializing in electro-mechanical products and custom industrial solutions for OEMs in a variety of end-markets.?

Blücher GmbH, (Erkrath, Germany), manufacturer of unique, patented, polymer-based spherical adsorbent products, has selected Carbon Resources as exclusive distributor for North America. For over 40 years, Blücher has concentrated on the development and production of high-efficiency filter technologies used in various industries.?

John Guest® USA’s standard line of push-in fittings, valves and tubing for the water treatment-filtration market are in full compliance with NSF/ANSI International Standard 61,Annex G for products that come into contact with drinking water. The British- based company’s products have been NSF 51– and 61-listed for years.?

North America

Watts news

Watts Water Technologies, Inc. declared a quarterly dividend of eleven cents per share on the Company’s Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock, payable on June 4 to stockholders of record at the close of business on May 24. Sales for the first quarter of 2010 were $319.3 million (USD), an increase of $28.6 million (10 percent) compared to the first quarter of 2009. Net income was $11.9 million ($0.32 per share) compared to $3.4 million ($0.09 per share) for the first quarter of 2009.

The company completed its acquisition of Blue Ridge Atlantic Enterprises (BRAE) in a share-purchase transaction. BRAE is a leading provider of engineered rainwater harvesting solutions and addresses the commercial, industrial and residential markets. The acquisition expands the company’s product offering and provides Watts with a source of expert knowledge for national and local codes. BRAE has annual revenues of approximately $2 million.

Pentair news

Pentair, Inc. announced first quarter 2010 net earnings per diluted share from continuing operations (EPS) of $0.35 (USD), an increase of 94 percent compared to the $0.18 of EPS in the first quarter last year. Residential flow sales were up 12 percent versus the year-ago quarter while residential filtration sales were up 14 percent as fast growth regions grew in the high teens and the US market continued its steady recovery. Filtration solutions sales were up eight percent, led by strong double-digit sales growth in food service, which helped overcome weaker energy and desalination sales.

Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC announced an addition to its manu- facturing operation in Suzhou, China. Increasing the plant’s square footage, the facility was constructed to optimize performance and reliability in producing membrane products for the company’s Home Reverse Osmosis (HRO) line. The company expects to add staff members to the site’s existing 400 employees over the next year as the addition becomes fully operational. Pentair projects a significant annual increase in membrane element production based upon expected sales increases in residential reverse osmosis water purification systems.

EnviroKleen certification for CH2O

CH2O, Inc. recently received EnviroKleen™ certification on ES-434, a hydronic loop corrosion inhibitor and ES-324, a cooling tower scale and corrosion inhibitor. Additionally, the company announced the expansion of its Eco-Solve product line for boiler and cooling tower water treatment. EnviroKleen certification provides third-party verification that products conform to rigorous standards for the water treatment industry to assure that products are formulated for the environment. CH2O, Inc. also has a complete line of Eco-Solve water treatment products, pre-treatment equipment and control systems to optimize the efficiency of boiler and cooling water systems, designed to reduce water consumption, extend equip-ment life and lower energy costs.

EP Minerals named distributor

Filtronics, Inc. announced an agree-ment with EP Minerals for distribution of Filtronics NXT-2 media for removal of arsenic, fluoride, lead, phosphate, chromium, selenium, antimony and other contaminants. The product’s patented technology was developed in cooperation between EP Minerals and the University of Nevada-Reno to provide cost effective treatment for arsenic removal from drinking water to less than 10 ppb to meet compliance with US EPA require- ments. NXT-2 is a direct replacement for arsenic absorption media and for most ion exchange arsenic applications.

NSF/MET agreement

NSF International entered a new, strategic partnership with MET Laboratories, the first nationally recognized US testing laboratory. The partnership will expand NSF’s scope of electrical testing and certification services, benefiting key industry sectors, including commercial and residential food equipment, recreational water equipment for pools and spas, mechanical plumbing devices and biosafety cabinets.

HaloSource honored

HaloSource, Inc., received Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 Technology Innovation Award and 2010 Hot Investment Op- portunity Award for its HaloPure® BR drinking water disinfection technology. In conferring the Hot Investment Op- portunity Award, an industry analyst highlighted the company’s combination of “a highly talented management team, strong institutional investors, high inno- vation capabilities and a sound business model that has the potential for high investment returns.” The Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets that it believes have demonstrated exceptional achievement.

US EPA news

US EPA is launching a new set of web tools, data and interactive maps to inform citizens about serious Clean Water Act violations in their communities. It provides interactive information from US EPA’s 2008 Annual Noncompliance Report, which pertains to about 40,000 permitted Clean Water Act dischargers across the country. The report lists state-by-state summary data of violations and enforcement responses taken by the states for smaller facilities. The new website (www.epa-echo.gov/echo/ancr/us/) also makes it easy to compare states by compliance rates and enforcement actions taken, and provides access to updated State Review Framework (SRF) reports.

The agency released its ToxRefDB da- tabase (http://actor.epa.gov/toxrefdb), which allows scientists and the interested public to search and download thousands of toxicity testing results for hundreds of chemicals. ToxRefDB captures 30 years and $2 billion (USD) of testing results. Those interested in chemical toxicity can query a specific chemical and find all available public hazard, exposure and risk-assessment data, as well as previously unpublished studies related to cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity. It contains information that forms the basis for pesticide risk assessments when combined with other sources of information, such as those on exposure and metabolism.

CA pool legislation update

AB 2409, a bill sponsored by the California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC) to address possible closure of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, passed the State Assembly on consent. The bill revises the Urban Water Management Planning Act, and directs local public agen- cies to analyze and define water features (including fountains, ponds, streams, and waterfalls) where water is artificially supplied separately from swimming pools and spas. It also requires swimming pools and spas to be defined the same as in the Health and Safety Code. This language assures that cities and counties that enact water conservation plans and drought ordinances will not be confused by the definition of water feature in the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance now in effect throughout the state that combines decorative fountains and waterfalls with swimming pools and spas.

IAPMO certification announced

IAPMO R&T, a division of The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Group, has completed the first certification for high-efficiency showerheads from manufacturer Moen within 24 hours of the application submission. Each of the qualifying showerheads meets the strict WaterSense® standards, restricting water usage to no more than two gpm (7.57 L/m), tested at a flowing pressure of 80 psi, and additional provisions dictating flow rate across a range of pressures, spray force and spray coverage.

FIT honored as exporter

Fluid Imaging Technologies received the 2010 Maine International Trade and Investment Award as Exporter of the Year, which recognizes the company as the Maine-based manufacturer that has most consistently demonstrated a commitment to international trade through increased exports of an innovative product or process. The company expanded its representation network to more than 25 firms worldwide, created seven full-time positions and earned overseas orders from Nestlé, Switzerland; Glaxo- SmithKline, UK; the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India and the Chongqing Institute of Environmental Science, Chongqing, China. Exports topped 60 percent of FlowCAM revenues for the year and the patented particle analyzer is currently in operation on all seven continents.


Krones AG distribution agreement in Canada

Krones AG (Neutraubling, Ger- many) announced an agreement with CCL Industries of Canada, covering the development and worldwide market- ing of labeling technology for TripleS stretch-sleeve films. The film, specially developed by CCL, exhibits an excep- tionally high degree of elasticity and is capable of decorating the entire surface of contoured containers, comparable to conventional shrink-sleeve applications. Krones AG is currently developing a new labeller designed specifically for TripleS sleeves, scheduled for market launch in late 2010.

Latin America

MIOX selected for water project in Mexico

MIOX Corporation has been selected by the government of Chiapas, Mexico to supply 175 water systems with the com- pany’s disinfection technology. FEMSA Foundation connected Chiapas with a technology that would benefit many thousands of people in the state. The on- site generation technology was delivered in May. Through sustainable management of water resources and access to potable water, the southernmost Mexican state will comply with the guidelines of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Fundraising the children’s way

A single donation of 50 cents can go a long way. St. Mary’s School in Aliso Viejo, CA, working with Water For People, coordinated a fundraiser to help kids get access to clean drinking water in Central America. Craig Cullen, a class parent and Sales Director with ITT Corporation, worked with the NGO and schoolteachers to exhibit a presentation to the 2nd and 3rd grade classes about the importance of clean drinking water. After his presenta- tion, a second grader approached Cullen, offered him 50 cents and asked that her money go to help children in need. Her donation inspired the fundraiser, Project Isabella, named after a Guatemala-born student. In little time, the school children raised $594 (USD) to help others have access to safe drinking water. The money will go to Water For People, through ITT Watermark, to ensure that the children in developing countries benefit directly from the school’s hard work.

Middle East

Amiad news

Amiad Filtration Systems has added Ooval automatic diaphragm valves to its product lines in the US and Canada. Amiad has stocked its Oxnard, CA ware- house with the valves to serve customers in irrigation, industrial and municipal markets. All Ooval valves feature the com- pany’s unique oval design. Amiad also completed acquisition of Arkal Filtration Systems from its existing shareholders. The agreement was finalized following bank approval and was satisfied for $10 million (USD) in cash and the issue of new ordinary shares of 0.5 NIS, equal to 14.5 percent of Amiad’s issued share capital (on a fully diluted basis).


Indian chemicals UL-certified

Kimberlite Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. has received Underwriters Laboratories certification for its antiscalant water treatment chemicals, which will now bear the UL Classified Water Quality Mark, indicating certification to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for health effects. The certification provides verification that these chemicals have been independently tested and validated to meet both industry standards for health effects in drinking water, as well as UL’s rigorous certification requirements. Kimberlite is the first Indian manufacturer to be certified through UL’s water program for antiscalant water treatment chemicals used to protect RO membrane life and in industrial RO purifiers.

Asian convention recap

ASIAWATER 2010 Expo, Asia’s number one water and wastewater event, reached its highest achievement to date by registering over 10,000 visitors at its recent sixth staging at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia. Held April 6-8, the highly-rated trade event offered its most comprehensive showcase for the gathering of regional water and wastewater professionals yet, with over 530 participating exhibitors from 40 countries presenting the latest in technology for the industry. The new addition of the concurrent AWARE 2010 Expo & Conference, focusing on water resource management, also added a whole new dimension to the exhibit profile of the show. The next edition is scheduled for April 2012.


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