By Peter J. Censky, Executive Director, Water Quality Association

During tough economic times, you probably ask yourself at least once a day: How can I cut costs without sacrificing quality?

Here’s one way. Let your industry association bring together—in one place—all the key people, fresh ideas and new technology you’re looking for. The truth is, WQA Aquatech USA 2010 is the most cost-effective way to develop relationships, learn about equipment and devices, and pick up business tips to make every dollar count. This year, the conference and exhibition will be held March 9-12 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Maybe you haven’t attended WQA Aquatech USA in a long time, or even at all. Consider what you’ll find at our conference:

  • Hundreds of industry-leading business services, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Dozens of educational sessions on the trade show floor
  • Networking opportunities with more than 5,000 industry professionals

Think of it as an extraordinary opportunity to see and be seen. The exhibition is a showcase of what’s new and cutting edge in the industry, and it gives you the opportunity to learn from your competitors. You will also be offered the very best information on where the industry is headed and learn how you can take advantage of changes to grow your business.

We’ve retooled the show in many ways to meet the needs of tomorrow’s market, especially the opportunities that may await in a post-recession environment. As you may already suspect, there will be new technologies coming in the next few months, some of them almost revolutionary. This will be a pivotal year to learn about upcoming challenges and opportunities.

We are offering hands-on and practical learning as you’ve never seen it. Seven workshops are part of the full conference package. These sessions will allow you to work through various problems, from sizing calculations with fixture counts to business valuation. You will also be taking part in hands-on presentations, including pipe joining and valve teardown, and you’ll learn the latest research on water treatment technologies and contaminant detection. New this year will be industrial user-group sessions with some of the leading industrial water companies.

Strategic business planning is more critical than ever. We have a series of speakers and sessions interspersed throughout to help you run a leaner, more targeted operation. You may remember the ’Wizard of Ads,’ Tim Miles, from previous years. We received such positive feedback on Tim, we’ve asked him to be our Opening General Session speaker. (If you want a preview, visit Tim’s blog, a valuable resource for small businesses, at Tips on exhibiting at home shows, direct marketing, social media marketing and other business-related issues will also be offered.

If you’re looking to find out about industry advances, come take advantage of our New Product Showcase. In addition to the networking opportunities participants have come to expect, the 2010 show will introduce a revamped Industrial Water-Speed Networking session (formerly Industrial Speed Dating). This initiative will now offer two levels of participation—with poster and no-poster attendance options. The networking forum provides companies the opportunity to display their capabilities and develop and deepen relationships.

We all need to face that fact that our industry is going through a period of significant change that is touching every company. As I’ve said before, once we emerge from the worst recession in many decades, we should not expect to return to business as usual. But, I think our industry is restructuring itself to be much stronger than it was before. We see this in areas such as softening, green technologies, grey water and small systems, among others. All of these will be displayed at WQA Aquatech USA.

I hope to see you there.

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