Let Us Hear From You!

One of my personal frustration points in life is to go shopping around Halloween (or the end of October) and actually see Christmas and holiday display items in retail stores. But, in talking to and working with retail marketing professionals, I know it is important to properly ramp up for the vital sales period.

So I usually curse under my breath, mutter something to myself about shopping ruining the holidays or life just not being like it was when I was a kid and let it go. Along the way I also start buying presents well before the season…just because.

At WC&P, we are already ramping up for our 2010 publication year. And we are asking you to do the same thing that frustrates me; think and respond outside of the season.

In both the September and October issues, as well as in the emailed POU-PoeNews, we have included readership surveys for 2010. We truly want to hear what you like, what you don’t like and any ideas you may have to help make the content of our publication even stronger.

The response has been very good, but we want even more! So please take a few minutes and share your thoughts; after all of the results are in, we will also be happy to share any key findings or suggestions.

Tell us about which feature story topics, technologies and applications you most like and least like to read about. Also tell us which regular columns you most like and least like to read.

We want to know which regular departments you most and least like to read. Likewise, we want to know what areas, topics or stories you would like to see more or additional coverage.

In 2009 we initiated out POU-PoeNews bi-monthly email newsletter and we would like your response on ideas and suggestions to improve that communication service. We also would like to hear about how you perceive the magazine advertisements relative to your purchasing decisions and what local or international trade shows are your 2010 priorities.

Our tabulation deadline is quickly approaching. You only have until October 16 to fax the survey to us at (520) 323-7412. Please see the survey on page ____ of this issue.

WC&P will then have a drawing of the names of all those submitting information. Two winners will each receive a $50 online gift certificate at amazon.com.

That is just a little way for us to say ‘thank you’ for your input and assistance.

And maybe the gift certificates will help you with your pending holiday shopping!


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