By Donald A. Mounce, WC&P Executive Editor

All of us at WC&P have had a great time this past year planning and celebrating our 50th anniversary. This month’s golden anniversary issue not only will feature information on carbon and legislative/regulatory matters, but will also include a culmination of some special awards and honors we have received, our first annual Top 50 awards recognition (which we have named in honor of a very special person to our industry) and a look into the future of what is in store for our industry over the next 50 years.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the historic stories and ads, which we will run through the end of the year, as well as our various growth transitions, highlighted by the montage of covers on this issue. From Water Conditioning Sales to WC&P International, we have undergone a great deal of change in 50 years, in hopes of better serving you, our readers.

We hope you have enjoyed celebrating with us, as much of our growth and success has been yours! No one could put the concept into better perspective than one of my predecessors. Please read her comments below.

Dear Editor:

The year 2009 marks an important anniversary for WC&P International magazine. This month, June, marks the 50th anniversary of its publication. I am very fortunate to number myself among those who witnessed the growth of WC&P and its role in the water quality improvement industry as a staff member.

I joined WC&P in the summer of 1985 as a part-time staffer under its Editor and Publisher, Jerry Peterson. I came to the magazine with no prior magazine experience, having spent my entire journalism career as a newspaper reporter in Michigan and Florida. But Jerry, one of the industry’s earliest guiding lights, quickly took me under his wing, acquainting me with the growing water treatment industry.

Jerry, whom I considered both a friend and a boss, devoted almost 30 years to the industry before he was forced to retire in 1987 due to health problems. I only had two years under his tutelage when his wife, Sharon, asked me if I wanted to become the magazine’s second editor in its history. I was honored to have the opportunity to try to continue Jerry’s legacy.

My journey as WC&P editor lasted seven years until I retired in 1994.

They were seven rewarding years as editor of a trade magazine started by Jerry Peterson whose contribution to the water treatment industry was a labor of love. WC&P continued to grow with the addition of Jerry’s son, Kurt, who took on the task of selling advertising.

If I was able to play a small part in its continued growth, then I am truly honored. I will always treasure all the friends, dealers and manufacturers, I made through the years.

As a continuing subscriber to WC&P, I have watched the magazine maintain its deserved position as the leading publication in the industry. Kudos to the entire staff, but especially to Kurt and Sharon Peterson, Jerry’s son and wife, who work tirelessly to ensure WC&P’s continued growth.

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary. I am proud to have been just a small part of your success.

Darlene J. Scheel
former WC&P Editor


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