By Denise M. Roberts

Idaho Water Solutions
10804 W Fairview Ave., Suite 101
Boise ID, 83713
Tel: (208) 475-4046 • Fax: (208) 288-1683
Email: [email protected]
Employees: two

About three years ago, Glenn Brewington found a golden opportunity to jump headfirst into the water treatment industry. “I personally saw the growth potential and long-term stability of the industry,” he says. “One of my good buddies, Josh Wolfgram, was already in the industry so it all came together in a very positive way.”

The result of Brewington’s many talents and wise collaboration with Wolfgram is Idaho Water Solutions, a locally owned, factory-direct dealership that serves Idaho and eastern Oregon.

“Josh and I have had wonderful success with marketing and developing the business, as well as serving our customers and handling technical concerns. In fact, we are integrating a new company called Quality Water Equipment, which is going to give us a better curb appeal for higher end markets that are still moving.”

Two men, many possibilities
Brewington wears many hats (CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing Director, Senior Financial Advisor and Owner) and doesn’t see that changing much in the future. “Josh and I are the only two in our company right now; however, this year we may need additional help.”

The company’s mission, to create pure water solutions for a diverse community of clients, encompasses a wide range of residential, business drinking water and large commercial applications. Specialties include water softeners, RO, whole-house and drinking water systems, iron and sulfur (rotten egg odor) removal, arsenic removal, hardness, alkalinity, nitrates and calcium build-up.

The company follows a simple three-step model. It starts with a free water analysis for all clients, followed by a comprehensive quote. The third and most important step is to have trained technicians install the equipment. “We always follow up with our customers and every one of them tells us that they are amazed with the quality these systems produce. You can even hear it in their voice.”

Idaho Water Solutions has seen tremendous results using Watts® products. Even in down times, Brewington sees it as a chance to move forward with other projects. The company offers over 300 different types of filtration, all of which are customized for consumers’ specific applications.

“We are very happy with the dual media carbon and softening resin Vortech tank systems,” Brewington noted. “They enable us to capture several water quality problems, keep a manageable inventory system and keep our overhead minimal.”

Weathering a recession
While many businesses struggle with the myriad problems of an economy fragmented so badly, Brewington waxes positive. “The economic downturn, both in the general markets and the housing industry, has given us the opportunity to take a step back and strategize other plans of attack. We are able to market to new move-in homeowners and other sales agents that exist in our outlying markets.

“We are expanding and plan on being a dominant force in as many markets as we can grow into. We have great people and great accountability, which makes all the difference. Our combination of strengths gives us a huge advantage over our competitors and I see us growing daily.

“I view this as a stable industry that will always be needed on some scale. Clearly, the economy has taken its toll on everyone, so sales have been affected. These are the challenges that face us.

“We see the growth potential with the business and we understand it. Watts also has a great outline for opportunity in the industry. They care about the success of their dealers and as a result, we have been successful.

Technological shifts
Many companies have found a better way to market their products and services by having an effective presence on the Internet. Idaho Water Solutions takes the change of venue in stride. “We found that Yellowpages, newspapers and traditional forms of advertising have done nothing but cost us hard earned money,” Brewington notes.

“We invested in more effective internet campaigns, so that our target markets are as qualified as possible. One issue, though, is finding good web design people! You know what they say, ‘If you want a job done right, do it yourself.’”

Products and services are also changing rapidly with the advanced technologies now widely available. But not everything enjoys a smooth transition. That doesn’t dim Brewington’s outlook. “New technologies that will change the way the industry functions will have to go to the scale-net media (salt-free systems). We have not personally seen a huge number of requests for it, but I see it getting more and more popular as the effectiveness is proven.”

“As for the industry, those who do not take care of their people, market effectively, or keep a positive direction will not make it in today’s conditions. I think the water conditioning industry, as a whole, will be left with only the best in 2009.”



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