The Top 50

In honor of our 50th Anniversary of publication service to the POU/POE water treatment and conditioning industry, WC&P is proud to announce the development of The Top 50 annual list of movers and leaders in the industry.

WC&P will announce its Top 50 in its June issue each year, to honor the people leading our great industry into the future for our next 50 years. This will include the selection of a Person of the Year, who will highlight this story.

This Top 50 nominations will be made by you, our readers, and judged by the WC&P Top 50 Nominating Committee. The committee will be a five-member group comprised of a balanced representation of the industry. They include:

  1. WC&P Publisher Kurt Peterson
  2. Industry leader Rich Clack
  3. Industry leader Bill Fritsche
  4. WQA Director of Membership & Marketing, Margit Fotre’
  5. WC&P Technical Review Committee member and industry consultant Peter Cartwright

In order to nominate someone, please go to and enter the tab marked Top 50. In that tab, you will be asked to submit a digital photo (300 dpi or higher at a 4×4-inch size minimum) along with 50 words or less on the attributes and contribution of each nominee.

There will be no limit to the number of people whose applications can be submitted. Nominees will be judged solely on their contribution to the industry and profession during the past year.

All submissions must include a digital photo and description.

Please take a few minutes now to nominate the important people to your company or segment of the industry. The deadline to submit applications for this initial Top 50 is April 17, 2009.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Donald A. Mounce
WC&P Senior Editor


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