Mr. Cartwright:

I just wanted to compliment you on the outstanding article that you wrote in the October 2008 Water Conditioning and Purification magazine titled ‘Water Treatment and Reuse in Commercial/Industrial Applications.’

I’ve read many articles – and perhaps this is the best one that I’ve come across so far.

Keep up the good work.

Jed Harris Puretec Industrial Water 805-340-6190

Dear Jed:

Thanks much for the kind words, and encouragement. It’s always nice to learn that these articles are read and enjoyed.



Mr. Mounce:

Interesting article about the attacks on bottled water. The attacks are on bottled water, or should we say any one who alters the tap water. The real question is why?


Richard Cure

BYOB Water Store



Dear Editor:

The October, 2008 issue of Water Conditioning and Purification magazine’s Viewpoint column on ‘Government Priorities’ really delivers the message home.

The bottled water industry is being singled-out by local governments and environmental activists for increased regulation simply because this healthy, refreshing product is safely contained in a sterilized plastic bottle, the very same packaging that is found in every aisle of any supermarket. These bottles are 100 percent recyclable and we strongly urge all consumers to recycle every one of them.

As your Viewpoint column makes clear, “any way to get water into the hands of

those that need it is an excellent method.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Tom Lauria

Vice President, Communications

International Bottled Water Association

Alexandria, Virginia

Dear Tom:

Thanks for the kind words!



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