Dear Mike Mecca (PWQA) and Peter Censky (WQA):

A note of congratulations to PWQA and WQA are certainly in order as a result of the Governor’s veto of AB 2270!

I have been out of the water business for five years now, but continue to keep track and write letters supporting the industry as the fight continues to protect the sale of water softeners in the State of California.  I can recall our successful legal challenges and passage of other bills pertinent to this issue, but cannot remember an issue this big where the recycled water industry was fought and won!

As a County Supervisor in Napa County, I interface with many lobbyists and legislators in Sacramento.  Few people gave our industry any hope for victory and that is why my hat goes off to both PWQA and WQA, its leadership, members and lobbyists who did what it took to get the job done.

We all know the work is not over, but I feel certain that this veto will enhance our industry position in negotiating compromise language on a future bill that most certainly will come our way.

I hope your members recognize the value of membership in PWQA and WQA, the work you have done over the last year has paid dividends in way in excess of dues.

Bill Dodd

Napa County Supervisor
Past President, PWQA 1986, WQA 1991


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