By Donald A. Mounce

David Loveday, Director of Government Affairs and Communications for the Water Quality Association (WQA), addressed over 30 members at the August meeting of the Arizona Water Quality Association (AWQA) on the softener brine discharge legislation in California. He updated the group on the communications and public relations efforts being done by the WQA/ PWQA and the industry to raise attention to this issue.

Loveday emphasized the importance of continuing to let the legislature and Governor know of the industry’s opposition to the bill. This bill would remove the restrictions and procedures for local communities to institute restrictions and bans without further study.

The California legislation eliminates the need for extensive local hearings and requires no finding or source justification. Loveday noted many communities in the state are preparing to enact such local legislation as soon as the Governor potentially signs the bill.

Loveday also touched on the importance of developing relationships with local and state officials in other states. He noted this is vital in order to start educating these officials on the industry and to monitor potential legislature in other states.

Arizona, Nevada, Vermont and Texas may be poised for such softener brine discharge or other similar regulations.


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