By Donald A. Mounce, WC&P Senior Editor

I am a big advocate of Stephen Covey. His ‘Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People’ has been a priority read for business, management and lifestyle change and focus for more than a decade.

One of Covey’s seven tenets is to ‘Put First Things First.’ It may appear as an oversimplification, but this basic concept really has come to light as I attempt to wrap my professional hands around this publication and the water purification and conditioning industry.

I have been thrust into reading/learning/doing ‘First Things First.’ (And I am at this point the smartest person in the marketplace, because I understand how much I do not know; but that can be a topic for another column!)

My research has allowed me to talk with and hear from a great number of professionals, subscribers, readers and advertisers. Many whom I have talked with have paid great compliments to Water Conditioning & Purification magazine.

The platitudes have focused on the publication’s well-earned reputation as the primarily empirical and technical resource for the residential, light industrial and light commercial industry. And as we set about fulfilling our 2008 editorial calendar, as well as that for 2009 and beyond, I have come to the easy realization that my primary responsibility is to return to the basics and maintain that reputation.

We will be attempting to build regular business columns into the publication that may help the professional dealer learn more about marketing, finance and computer science. We will expand our focus as an information source on new products, services and trends, we would like to add more photos and graphics of work and examples and make some other changes. (Any ideas and/or budding authors out there, let me know.)

But we are foremost a peer review publication of technology and science. And we will continue to strive for that focus with fairness and integrity.

I mention all of this because my research and some general communication have uncovered a few concerns about ‘what side’ the publication is on relative to new or non-conventional technology. Our response has been and will be that we take a broad and fair focus on the industry and do not choose sides.

Over the past year, WC&P has presented various columns and reviews that looked at some controversial conditioning applications from various perspectives. We have also utilized numerous ‘neutral’ news releases and product announcements.

Wherever you stand on these conditioning technologies, some articles may have pleased your perception and some others may not have (to put it mildly). If you feel your side has not been well represented at any one particular point, we are well aware that you may be questioning that fairness and integrity.

Our technical articles must focus on science, not theory nor popular belief. If you have original, scientific technical information about standard or new technology in the marketplace, send it to us for consideration.

We will let the science speak for itself. We will not ‘choose sides.’ All such technical articles will be considered purely on empirical merits and nothing else.

No matter what the topic or subject matter, we will consider it for publication.

But for an article to actually be published, it must undergo the scrutiny and input of our Technical Review Committee.

The secret to our publication’s success is that simple process; peer review of all technical articles by our esteemed Tech Reviewers. I have been able to communicate with all of them, including some new and returning additions, and remain universally impressed.

They are and will continue to be the primary gatekeepers of input and feedback to our editorial staff and myself…and to our readers, advertisers and the industry.

‘Putting First Things First,’ we will remain a peer review publication of technology and science. And that is a position we hope you agree with and support.


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