By Donald A. Mounce, WC&P Senior Editor

Greetings to all of those in the water conditioning and water purification marketplace!

As the new Senior Editor of WC&P magazine, I quickly find that I have some big shoes to fill, a whole lot to learn and a great many of you to meet and talk with one-on-one. I hope to be doing much of that over the next few weeks and months, with an active trade show and conference schedule.

Most importantly, I have a strong sense of responsibility toward maintaining and improving the publication for our subscribers, contributors and advertisers. Your input, ideas and concerns are of utmost importance.

A great deal of my experience has been in business marketing communications development, including the generation and editing of a number of custom magazine publications, trade publications and trade magazine relations for technical editorial assignments. This experience includes extensive work within various segments of the water industry, as well as the manufacturing and service markets.

While I am not ‘drenched’ in the water treatment marketplace specifically, I hope you will find that I am neither ‘all wet’ nor ‘wet behind the ears.’ I do hope, however, to work with all of you in order to bring a balance and a new flow to the publication.

There are a great many opportunities in a number of areas for technical articles, scientific assessments and feature columns that we desire to expand. Let us know at any time any ideas or opportunities for which you would like to participate as we maintain our editorial calendar for 2008.

International and small systems are the focus for September, with a number of stories already underway. Bottled water, water vending and cooling operations will be the topic in October; ion exchange and pools and spas are the focus of November, with groundwater and arsenic the primary topic areas for December.

We will continue to expand our marvelous Technical Review Committee and utilize the talents of our participants to ensure paramount accuracy and maintain cutting edge content development. Along with more technical article and editorial content, we also hope to put a renewed emphasis on more graphics and photography.

Please remember to contact Denise Roberts, Managing Editor, with your news releases, company material and new product listings. And if you have some original content story ideas you would like us to review, let us know.

Our goal is to provide and maintain an open attitude of cooperation with everyone associated with our publication, while orchestrating new approaches to presenting the most essential information. Please drop me an e-mail or call at any time.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation as we grow our relationship, our publication and our industry. I will work hard to maintain the standards of excellence you have come to expect, while generating a new and fresh flow of information between us.

I look forward to working with you all!



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