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Today, Troy Smith’s company, Radiant Industrial Solutions, Inc., is a major force in the UV market, manufacturing and distributing products and services the world over. “As any good company is started, I began Radiant Industrial in my garage apartment, “ he chuckled. But it was the opportunity presented by his local high school’s work program that acquainted Smith with UV in the first place!

In addition to his academic classes, Smith had the opportunity to participate in the DECA * program, where students gain employment with a local company for scholastic credit. “UV was simply fascinating. I’d planned on a career as an electrical engineer that just made logical sense, but I really wanted to find a position where I could design a product that would be exciting and change the way processes are done. I found this fulfillment in working with UV. After several technical and engineering positions, I found employment with Ultraviolet Systems and Equipment (Houston, Tex.),” he recalled.

Beginning as a technician, Smith worked his way into the engineering department over the next several years. Entering the US Army, he encountered several water-related filtration jobs. Back in the States after his term of service, he returned to Ultraviolet Systems and continued to move up as the Vice President / General Manager for several more years, working with food storage and water disinfection. He left the firm and worked for several filtration distributors and UV manufacturers “ I began to envision my own company on the basis of customer commitment to UV management and understanding,” he surmises. With that mission, the company became a reality starting right there, in the apartment over the garage, beginning as Technical Connections in 2000. In 2005, the name was changed to Radiant Industrial Solutions; at the same time, the company broadened its marketing to include service to municipal, industrial and Ultrapure users.

Since 2006, Radiant has established a large distribution network throughout the world, including North America, Latin America, Asia and various other sites. This year, Radiant acquired the UV lamp distribution of UVDI, which has further increased the distribution network and focus of Radiant.

It is the people that joined the firm once it was up and running that are the key to Radiant’s success, according to Smith. “We have been blessed with employing great people. We all share a true commitment and that creates a real excitement in our core company structure. As a result, people are here for the long term – I have worked with most of these folks for years,” he explained.

With the support of his wife Maria and their two children, Conrad and Rachel (and a new little one on the way later this year), Smith has stayed true to the original idea: today, Radiant is known for a complete commitment to customers. “To this day, we have a relationship with our distributors that is unlike any I have ever experienced,” Smith said, “honesty and open communication are the keys – both to our relationships and to Radiant’s continued growth.”

As a result of that philosophy, the entire company works towards the firm’s mission: to be the single UV source and solution provider to their customers through quality, service, support and sales – thereby securing proper performance and customer confidence.

Currently, Radiant is involved in several important expansions. The firm is launching a new metering equipment line, commercial surface disinfection equipment line, self-regulating water filtration / disinfection system, as well as industrial plant air quality control devises. according to Smith, while readying the launch of UV operation and control self-help guides for installers, users, and sellers. “At the same time, we’re extending new product designs and applications of UV into the commercial markets where those have not been available in the past,” Smith said. You will only see a handful of our product lines on the market as most of our products are designed and sold to OEM’s to integrate with their equipment.

Smith sees a bright future for water treatment professionals overall. “I believe that the North America water conditioning industry is just getting started and that we will see the conditioning of water meet green technology,” he explained, adding that the water we have today will need to last us much longer in the future. “We’re well past the days of ‘do you have a filter?’ – now we are in the mindset of ‘what does your disinfection system do?’. That’s a big change that will continue to grow as we look to move directly into recycled water,” he summed up.

From where Smith sits the future looks bright indeed – and that’s about more than the glow of the UV lamps from Radiant Industrial Solutions, Inc.!

*Editor’s note: DECA is a national association which provides teachers and members with educational and leadership development activities to merge with the education classroom instructional program. By giving students hands-on experiences in the fields of marketing, management and entrepreneurship – DECA enhances the classroom by providing opportunities for members to attend conferences, competition and leadership training.  The experience provided by DECA builds character that will be utilized in all aspects of life.



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