By Karen R. Smith

What Happens in Vegas…

If you’ve already made your reservations for WQA Aquatech, feel free to skip reading this column and move on to the rest of the magazine. I’m speaking here to those who are still on the fence about whether or not to attend.

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you were thinking about a Las Vegas vacation anyway – why not combine one with the show? Flights are readily available and more affordable than you might guess. Once you’re there, you can easily find accommodations at every possible price point. One travel brochure noted there are rooms for $69 a night… rooms for $6,900 a night…and rooms at each and every price between the two. There are now more four star restaurants than a short trip will allow you to sample (Aqua at Bellagio, Aureole at Mandalay Bay…Lutece…Nobu…Joel Robuchon at the Mansion…) the list goes on and on. Entertainment – Bette Midler, Cirque du Soleil, Spamalot, Penn & Teller…

That’s just the vacation part! Professionally speaking, there is no other conference and trade show within the US offering as many educational opportunities as WQA Aquatech.

  • 42 educational sessions in residential, commercial and industrialwater treatment earning seat credit towards WQA certification.
  • 12 hands-on training sessions on the tradeshow floor offered by different manufacturers, where you can polish your existing skills and learn new ones directly from those who best-know the products.
  • Six lectures on the tradeshow floor throughout the conference on every aspect of your business, from website design to tracking training initiatives.

And then there’s the networking opportunities: you’ll meet history makers…and world shakers…successful dealers…innovative manufacturers…creative OEMS…all in a relaxed atmosphere with regular doses of fun. In addition to chance encounters on the trade show floor, in the classrooms and at the assemblies, there are specific networking events designed to foster social and professional interaction.

  • Welcome reception
  • Walk on the Wild Side
  • Farewell Las Vegas/Hello Rosemont Celebration

If you, your family, your company, or your products have been a part of this industry, you’ll want to participate as we gather the history of this unique community. On Thursday, March 27, WC&P and WQA will begin videotaping those who have built this industry and who make it great today. With your help, the History Task Force will create film, print and web offerings so our history is available to all. Don’t miss the reception at 3 p.m. on Thursday and make an appointment to be videotaped to tell your story! Call Kurt Peterson at 520 471-0019; film crews are available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 27.

Still not convinced? I’m sure it’s because you have dozens of reasons why you won’t be there. Perhaps business is slow and you hesitate to spend the money… Or maybe you’re so busy, you don’t think you can afford to take the time off? If you still think you have valid reasons to stay home, there’s probably very little I can say that will change your mind. But I guarantee that your competitors will all be in Las Vegas learning how to succeed in your market!



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