By Karen R. Smith

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is already showing signs of being your best year ever. For 48 years now, WC&P has been the premier magazine for the residential water treatment industry – and every year, we have evolved our editorial offerings as the industry has grown and changed, to keep bringing our readers what they need to succeed.

In this issue, we are inaugurating a new regular feature, Dealer Dynamics. While over the years we have looked at different aspects of running a dealership – Tech Talk, Creative Marketing, Eye on the Industry and many more – this new editorial ‘headquarters’ for dealers views the business synergistically. From the core proficiencies – like installing an RO unit — to training employees on routing software, dealing with sexual harassment, maintaining your fleet…all that and more will be the subjects we deal with – because you do.

We begin with an interesting look at fleet financing, since many dealers have told us that their budgets are set at the front of the year for many capital expenditures. The good folks at Navistar worked with us on this article after making a complete analysis of our particular industry’s vehicular needs. That was an interesting process in and of itself, by the way. While the requirements of the beverage industry are fairly well established, ours were not. Our thanks to the many dealers who helped with data gathering, sharing their experiences and information. In future issues, more on this very important subject – the biggest line item for many.

At the close of the year I turned 54, so I’m a bit older than this magazine I serve. I promise both of us are approaching this new year with a great deal of excitement! Rather than rest on our laurels, we’re planning a host of improvements in the months to come. Our core – technical and how-to articles on how to provide the best in water treatment, vetted by the best in the industry – will remain the same. We will continue to enhance that expertise in ways that make it more accessible to each and every reader, which also means added value to our advertisers. Reflecting that value and maintaining those standards is our continued promise, one that we fulfill in each and every issue.

Throughout 2008 we will be at tradeshows and conferences across the country and around the world – and we encourage you to do the same. There is a wealth of education and expertise available at these gatherings, along with new products and technologies that can truly expand your bottom line. Keep your WQA certifications current with classroom training and consider adding the new commercial certification to your standings as well. We will continue to offer WQA certification advancement opportunities through regular examinations in upcoming issues, yet we encourage you get out to the shows and conferences as well — or you deny yourself the opportunity to learn from your peers. Join the water associations – WQA, IWA, WEF, AWWA and all the others. There are local and regional chapters close to just about every location, nationally and internationally. The ability to sit down and candidly speak with others in this industry is vital to your success.

Most important, right this very minute, please do two things for me that will benefit us both in 2008. First, if you are a manufacturer or OEM, go to our website,, and update your company’s Buyer’s Guide listing. All the new products and services you added throughout 2007 aren’t going to be listed unless you enter the information.

Second, if you subscribe to this magazine and we don’t have your email address, go over to your computer right now and send it to us at [email protected]. We have so much new and exciting information for you in the months ahead, we’d like to send you an email all about it.

Thanks for doing both those things. Now sit back and enjoy our first issue of 2008.


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