The Inversand Company began reducing production of its traditional manganese greensand filtration media at its mine in Gloucester County, NJ, in November. The cutback is the result of both the escalating demand for its newer and more advanced GreensandPlus™ product and the rising costs of producing manganese greensand, including the environmental factors of water use and waste discharge restrictions. ?
Good Water Warehouse Inc. announced the planned opening of its new Ontario, Canada facility in Newmarket. This operation will warehouse a wide range of products including GE, Pentair (Fleck) and Clack water softeners and automatic filter components and finished goods. ?

Performance Water Products’ new 5,000- square-foot, fully stocked Midwest branch opened on October 19. Located at 527 Mitchell Drive, Eagle, Wis. 53119, telephone numbers are toll free (800) 374-6428, local (262) 863-7038; fax (262) 594-2690. Mat Mecca, formerly of Pentair Water, directs the facility. ?

Rohm and Haas Company announced a worldwide price increase of up to 10 percent across their range of ion exchange resins, adsorbents and catalysts. The increase will be effective November 15 or as contracts permit. The increase is needed to cover the continued escalation of raw materials, energy and freight costs. ?

Due to continued high costs for raw materials, utilities and freight, Purolite has increased its prices from 10 to 15 percent worldwide for all products, effective December 1 or as contracts allow. ?

The Dow Chemical Company announced a price increase for acrylates in all regions, effective November 1 or as otherwise allowed by individual contract terms. Dow Water Solutions increased the price of all DOWEX™ ion exchange resin, adsorbent and catalyst products an average of 10 percent across the product line, effective November 15 or as contracts allow. The global increase is the result of high and volatile energy and raw materials costs and rising transportation fees. ?

North America

WQA certification policy changed
Previously, WQA-certified professionals who earned more credits than necessary lost them during regular three-year recertification. Not any longer! WQA’s Education/Certification Department has modified the policy to allow some carryover and still fulfill the certification program’s dedication to encouraging continuing education. All certifications earned in the Professional Certification Program must be kept current through the recertification process. Recertification credit can be obtained using WQA educational materials available in print and online, or by attending technical sessions at conferences such as the WQA Aquatech USA 2008 Convention, March 25-28, in Las Vegas, Nev. For more information, visit

WQA’s online Water Information Library now offers Supply House Times, Plumbing & Mechanical, PM Engineer, Reeves Journal and National Driller from BNP Publishing. These additions provide comprehensive information about plumbing, engineering and drilling issues.

Ozone joins the MRSA battle
Sanitizing towels, linens and surfaces with ozonated water has been shown to be extremely effective in the reduction of Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria and the more drug-resistant and harder-to-treat strain, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to the International Ozone Association. Both rapidly spreading bacteria can cause serious skin infections, lead to pneumonia or infections of the bloodstream, ear, urinary tract or lining of the brain. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that previously, MRSA was found primarily in health care settings; however, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 15 percent of US cases are found in public areas such as schools, athletic facilities, health clubs and hospitality industries.

NSF news
NSF International has developed a new protocol that addresses the health impact and environmental protection of septic tank and grease trap (solid and liquid) separating technology. Labrie Environmental Group is the first manufacturer to certify its pumping and liquid-solid separating system to the protocol. NSF Protocol P340: Septic Tank or Grease Trap Solid and Liquid Separating Devices was developed for equipment that separates septic waste solids from liquids in septic tanks or grease and solids from liquids in grease traps. The protocol contains requirements to evaluate the materials, design, manufacturing and performance of these types of equipment. Technologies have been developed to separate the solids from the liquids in septic tanks and grease traps and then return the treated water. P340 now provides a means to test the effectiveness and efficacy of these devices.

US EPA/NSF collaborate on WaterSense faucets
NSF will provide testing and certification of high-efficiency lavatory faucets for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) WaterSenseSM program. The agency has released a product specification for faucets that use about 30 percent less water than conventional models; the WaterSense label can already be found on more than 60 high-efficiency toilets. American homes can save more than 11,000 gallons each year by installing a WaterSense-labeled, high-efficiency toilet and faucet or aerator.

CWA awards announced
US EPA announced the recipients of its 2007 National Clean Water Act Recognition Awards lauding municipalities and industries for outstanding and creative technological achievements in wastewater treatment and pollution abatement programs. Winners were chosen based on water quality compliance screenings and satisfactory environmental quality records. There were nine winners in the operations and maintenance category; five under exemplary biosolids management; six in the national pre-treatment area and two in the stormwater management category. The awards are announced annually during the Water Environment Federations Technical Exposition and Conference (WEFTEC). The 35th anniversary of the Clean Water Act was October 18, 2007.

Export certification for A.J. Antunes
William G. Sutton, Assistant Secretary for US Department of Commerce, Manufacturing and Services, presented an Export Achievement Certificate to Antunes Filtration Technologies, a division of A.J. Antunes & Co., in a September ceremony at the company’s Carol Stream, Ill. headquarters and manufacturing plant. The certificate recognizes the firm’s successful entry into four markets (India, Russia, Israel and Ireland) with its advanced water filtration systems for residential, food service and commercial applications. After the presentation, attendees were given a tour of the plant to observe production of the company’s diverse products.

Modeling software lauded by engineers
Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that its Haestad Methods product line has been selected as the number one water resources modeling software in a national survey conducted across the readership of a leading civil engineering newsletter and commissioned by the firm. The WaterGEMS product also received the People’s Choice Award at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.

Warehouse expansion
Holiday House Distributing celebrated its first year anniversary at its expanded warehouse. With 22,000 square feet for an inventory of more than 5,000 products, the new space allows the company to stock and ship more directly, reducing back orders and insuring faster delivery. Construction is under way on an additional 10,000+ square feet of space.

Siemens to expand CAP plant
Siemens Water Technologies was awarded an $8.45 million contract by Archer Western Contractors to expand the Scottsdale Water Campus Central Arizona Project (CAP) drinking water treatment plant. The company will supply a 30-million gpd (113.5 million L/d) system with the latest Memcor CP membrane technology. The project is scheduled for completion in early 2009.

Design group addresses Arizona projects
CH2M HILL announced the expansion of its regional design group in Phoenix, Ariz. to support a growing number of local and regional projects. The Phoenix group is currently supporting design for a well conveyance system; design of a treatment facility for water to be removed from a former underground copper mine and the Southern Avra Valley Storage and Recovery Project for Tucson Water, which will design a canal turnout, flowmeter vaults and a conveyance pipeline to transport water to new recharge basins.

LANXESS reorganization announced
Beginning last October as part of a systematic market orientation, LANXESS AG organized its 13 business units into three segments, following the divestment of its Lustran Polymers division. The new units are Performance Polymers, Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals. Engineering Plastics ceased to exist under the new organizational plan.

GE ecomagination awards announced
GE Water & Process Technologies awarded Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) with the 2007 Global ecomagination Leadership Award for its innovative environmental and business efforts. More than a decade ago, ADM’s Decatur, Ill. corn plant implemented a sustainable water management program, conserving 150 million gallons of water each year and realizing one million dollars in annual operational savings. GE honored German water management company Erftverband with an ecomagination Leadership Award for its role in improving the environmental, public health and aesthetic water qualities of the Nordkanal. For nearly four years, Erftverband has used GE’s ecomagination-certified ZeeWeed membrane bioreactor technology at the Kaarst Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Rhine Westphalia.

DeMitri to represent Pure1
Pure1 Systems announced the expansion of its coverage to vending and office coffee systems companies through an exclusive arrangement with DeMitri Chesapeake Sales, Inc. to represent Pure1 in the territories they serve. Current customers will be encouraged to purchase Pure1 equipment to expand their offerings to customers with point of use (POU) water systems. DeMitri specializes in vending, office coffee service and mobile catering from metropolitan New York through Virginia.

Glass media making gains
ECOsmarte® has taken 18th century European technology (slow sand filtration using glass) and refined its Glass Pack® technology for drinking, swimming pool and wastewater filtration. Over 2,500 residential and commercial swimming pools report better than DE filtration results with only one-half of the backwash of zeolite and one-fourth that of sand. The product utilizes 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled glass in a sand filter platform. It replaces sand, zeolite, cartridges and DE filtration. Glass Pack is a registered trademark in 26 countries with bagging operations on three continents.

WorldWater, ENTECH merge
WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. and ENTECH, Inc. executed an Agreement and Plan of Merger in which ENTECH will merge with and into a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldWater. ENTECH will maintain its identity, location and business operations in both terrestrial and space solar energy.

Bayer product certification announced
Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) LLC’s Baytec® SPR 092A polyurethane, hybrid thick-film coating system has passed the NSF-61 standard, making it a good fit for potable water applications. The standard certifies that a product complies with the health effects requirements for materials designed for contact with potable water. The Baytec SPR 092A spray system, which has a Shore A hardness of 92, is impervious to acids and effluent and effectively separates the acid from the surface that could be attacked, making it ideal for protecting water and wastewater infrastructure.

NSPF grants awarded
The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) has awarded two new Injury Prevention Grants to be paid out over the next 18 months to Purdue University (Ind.) and New York Medical College. A grant of $135,954 to Ernest Blatchley III, Ph.D., P.E., Jing Li, Ph.D. and Changhe Xia, Ph.D. of Purdue University (Indiana) will extend the team’s 2006/2007 research to address some of the important knowledge gaps that exist relative to UV and chlorine applications in recreational water. The research focuses on chemical and photochemical reactions that form and destroy disinfection byproducts. The new grant will test the air of indoor aquatic facilities to verify the laboratory experiments. A new Health Benefit Research Grant was also awarded to the University of Idaho.

NGWA funds traveling exhibit
The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation funded a grant for the inclusion of wells and ground water in a traveling water exhibit that will tour the world’s leading science museums. Water: H2O=Life, a 7,000 square-foot exhibit, opened at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City.  The exhibit will travel to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Science Museum of Minnesota (SMM), Chicago’s Field Museum, the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  Other destinations include the Singapore Science Center; Instituto Sangari of São Paulo, Brazil and the National Museum of Australia (Canberra). Exhibit organizers AMNH and SMM expect more than three million visitors during the exhibit’s several-year run.  Additional stops are being explored.

IBWA news
The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) issued a policy statement reaffirming its position on the safety and health benefits of bottled water in spite of the continued efforts of Corporate Accountability International to sway consumers. IBWA’s 2007 Convention and Tradeshow, co-located with PACK EXPO 2007, claimed success with a host of exhibitors, speakers and qualified buyers who participated in seminars, education sessions, networking events and the tabletop trade show. In 2008, IBWA and the American Beverage Association (ABA) will combine InterBev 2008 and the 2008 IBWA Tradeshow at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, October 20-22. After the show, IBWA’s 50th Annual Convention will continue through October 24. Exhibitors are urged to book space early. Contact the InterBev and IBWA sales team at (703) 934-4700 or visit

2007 Economic Census forms coming your way
According to our friends at the US Census Bureau, chances are, yours is one of the businesses that will receive a 2007 Economic Census form this month. Forms go to all but the very smallest businesses in this tally done once every five years. The forms ask for basic information like your location, employment, payroll and sales by type of product or service. Businesses that receive a form are required by law (Title 13, U.S. Code) to respond. Businesses, communities and governments use Economic Census data for planning and market development. Statistics are published for more than a thousand industries as well as for states, counties, cities and metropolitan areas at

New websites
Hawk Measurement launched a newly redesigned website (www.hawk to provide users with an in-depth view of the company and its products using a highly intuitive navigation system and rich multimedia content. Visitors can view company news and upcoming events; press releases; data sheets; manuals and brochures; software and market-specific solutions; learn about various distributors and educate themselves on the frequently updated featured product.

Millipore Corporation’s new state-of-the-art website ( is powered by a fast, robust search engine that integrates scientific taxonomy and content to assist customers in finding what they need by application, product type, pathway diagrams or research topic. Features include a comprehensive product catalog of over 25,000 items; a technical library of all product brochures and user guides; learning centers with information about the latest technologies, trends, applications and procedures; 24/7 support center and quick links for order tracking and quick order options.

PlayPumps International launched KnowH2O ( in response to interest expressed by an increasing number of schools working with the organization to bring access to clean water to rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The website was designed for schools and community organizations to build student awareness of global water issues and how they can work to help address the world’s water crisis.


Dow membranes in Singapore
Dow Water Solutions and Singa-pore’s national water agency PUB, have signed an agreement to test-bed Dow’s next-generation FILMTEC™ membranes for use in water reclamation. The joint collaborative research effort commenced at PUB’s Bedok NEWater plant in early October and is expected to validate preliminary data indicating that Dow’s newer 16-inch FILMTEC membrane modules are more efficient in water reclamation than current standard eight-inch modules. Once validated, the next-generation membrane technology will allow for more efficient and affordable water reclamation and reuse processes at large-scale treatment facilities.

Water-saving scheme announced
The International Water Association reported a new scheme from the South Australian government will encourage householders to take advantage of a series of rebates for installing water-saving devices. The rebate for low-flow shower heads will increase to AUD$30 ($270). In addition, there will be a refund of AUD$50 ($45) for every $150 spent on water-efficient garden products, up to AUD$150 to install dual-flush toilets and AUD$200 for water-efficient washing machines. From 2008, AUD$100 will be available for home water audits. The scheme aims to save some five billion liters of water over three years.

Liqui-Cel in Korea
Membrana will ship another Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor System for oxygen removal to Korea. The 130 m3/hr (572 gpm) system utilizes Liqui-Cel 10 x 28 Membrane Contactors to provide a dissolved oxygen outlet of no greater than one ppb. The system will operate in combination mode using nitrogen and vacuum.


Top distributor named
Eden Springs has emerged as West Europe’s top bottled water cooler distributor, displacing Nestlé Waters from its number one spot, according to the 2007 West Europe Water Coolers report from beverage consultancy Zenith International. Eden Springs pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy during 2006 and early 2007, completing 18 transactions in western Europe. Six of these were in the UK, the company’s biggest national market. The group is now responsible for almost one-fifth of western Europe’s 1.86 million bottled water cooler placements.

Siemens distributor for inge AG
Siemens Water Technologies and inge AG of Greifenberg, Germany have entered into a cooperation agreement to supply and distribute ultrafilter membrane modules. Siemens will have exclusive rights to distribute the patented water treatment modules of inge AG in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With its existing product line and the dizzer modules of inge AG, Siemens will have the most comprehensive range of products for water treatment in the world.


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