Marmon Water LLC has acquired the assets of KX Industries, Limited Partnership, a residential water filtration systems supplier, through a subsidiary. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The Orange, Conn. firm supplies extruded carbon block used in residential filtration systems and refrigeration filtration. ?

Sybron Chemicals Inc., the US ion exchange resin unit and wholly owned subsidiary of LANXESS Corp., has changed its name to LANXESS Sybron Chemicals, Inc. The unit also launched a new logo and worldwide marketing campaign that focuses on working with customers to identify innovative solutions and potential applications for ion exchange resins. ?

In his Executive Order issued in June (see page 40, this issue), San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom stressed the need to find an alternate solution to bottled water use. Vertex Water Products of Montclair, Calif. took the lead in addressing the mayor’s concerns; its PureWater Coolers have been tapped as possible replacement units for the city. The mayor unwittingly created a unique marketing opportunity. Dealers and manufacturers, take note! ?

Topway Global, Inc. (TGI) was honored with INC 5000’s  Fastest Growing Private Company in America award at a ceremony held in Chicago, Ill. in September. Company President and CEO George Yen was on hand to accept the award. The firm followed with its annual technical seminar on Oct 2 and offered an approved seat time credit of 0.6 CEU for any WQA-certified individual in attendance. Complimentary lunch was provided at the event that featured speakers from Pentair, GE, Clack and Dow Chemical. ?

North America

Pentair selects WQA for certification
Pentair Water/FLECK softener testing has been transitioned to the Water Quality Association (WQA) and away from NSF as its primary certification laboratory. Products will continue to be tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 44, but ultimately listed through WQA’s laboratory, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is accepted by California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Iowa and all other states requiring ANSI/NSF 44 water softeners listing. As each NSF/ANSI 44 softener certification expires, Pentair will re-qualify those systems to the same standard using WQA’s laboratory. Products affected by the change are FLECK 2510, 5000, 5600, 56SE, 66/67, 7000, 9000 and 9100 valve models.

LE/ISPC incentive event highlights
The LeverEdge and ISPC hosted their 11th annual incentive trip, this year to Costa Rica. 160 top dealers and merchants were treated to two nights in San Jose and three days in the coastal town of Los Sueños. LE/ISPC sponsored several group events, including white water rafting, the ever-popular zip-line tour, a guided tour through Costa Rica’s spectacular waterfalls and volcanoes and deep-sea fishing. The vacation concluded with the annual awards ceremony and a video announcement of the 2008 event, a seven-night Alaskan cruise.

Dow price increase announced
The Dow Chemical Company and its affiliates have increased prices for acrylic acid and esters, also known as acrylic monomers or acrylates. Butyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate increased by US$0.05 per pound (North America); US$110 per metric ton (Asia, Middle East/Africa, Latin America) and €80 per metric ton (Europe). Ethyl acrylate/methyl acrylate/glacial acrylic acid increased by US$0.03 per pound (North America); US$70 per metric ton (Asia, Middle East/Africa, Latin America) and €50 per metric ton (Europe). The increases were effective September 1, or as otherwise allowed by individual contract terms.

NSF news
Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés (LDOR), Spain’s premier water testing laboratory for over a century, has signed an agreement with NSF International making LDOR an official NSF laboratory partner. NSF customers may elect to have their bottled water and beverage products tested against EU requirements by the Barcelona-based LDOR. NSF also showcased its new 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art laboratory space in Ann Arbor, Mich. It will enhance the organization’s established testing and certification programs, provide necessary technical resources for new program and services development and create 100 new technical jobs in the region.

IBWA news
The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) recently launched a media campaign and provided bottled water facts to virtually every major US media outlet and in local markets nationwide. The organization outlined the bottled water industry’s outstanding record of environmental stewardship and responsible use of resources, the industry’s demonstrated support of recycling, bottled water regulation and safety and the role of bottled water as a consumer beverage-of-choice.

As a result of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, IBWA developed the online IBWA Emergency Response Directory (ERD), which contains a list of organizations and government agencies responsible for emergency and disaster response activities. IBWA members and other interested parties can successfully navigate the proper channels and help provide bottled water and other resources to those in need by downloading the ERD at

NSPF research donation program
The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) Board of Directors approved a new mechanism for companies and organizations to fund applied scientific research and have the unbiased results published in scholarly journals. The program allows manufacturers and organizations to donate targeted research funds through NSPF to fund such research. NSPF will retain only 10 percent to cover the cost to coordinate research definition with the donors, solicit researchers, establish contracts and monitor research progress. Industry members who wish to donate targeted grant money should contact Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D. at tom.lachocki@ For more information, visit under the Research tab.

NWRI fellowships announced
The National Water Research Institute (NWRI) announced fellowship awards to 11 new graduate students. For the upcoming academic year, a total of 19 students, representing 15 US universities, are receiving NWRI fellowship funding. The institute awards over $100,000 every summer in new fellowships to support masters or doctoral graduate research related to water resources. The research pertains to the organization’s mission to create new sources of water through research and technology and to protect human health and the environment.

JMA for Air Products
Air Products and ITT-WEDECO announced a joint marketing agreement to promote the companies’ complementary ozone-related products and expertise for use in the water and wastewater industries in North America and Brazil. The combined effort will focus on water and wastewater processes including containerized oxygen–ozone systems, oxygen recovery systems and ozone-based advanced oxidation systems. In coming weeks, both companies will be releasing further details on each new product offering.

PWQA joins renovation effort
Pacific Water Quality Association President Terry Heckman is organizing PWQA participation at the Kids Cancer Connection Family House renovation project in Woodland Hills, Calif. PWQA members and any other interested water treatment professionals who wish to help can contact Kristi Pihl at (760) 644-7348 for more information. The project has been assisted by 14 trade associations, four unions, numerous volunteer contractors and vendors including the Home Depot.

AwwaRF contaminant report issued
Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) has published a new report on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), pharmaceuticals and personal-care products (PPCPs). The study upon which the report is based is one of the first to comprehensively and systematically investigate how well these contaminants are removed by different treatment processes used by water utilities. The contaminants have been detected at low concentrations in streams around the world. Additional AwwaRF studies are underway to learn more about these and other emerging contaminants.

Four decades celebrated at Hellenbrand
Hellenbrand, Inc., a water treatment equipment manufacturer, will celebrate 40 years in business this year. The company was founded in 1967 by Jim and Florence Hellenbrand and is based out of Waunakee, Wis. It manufactures residential and commercial water treatment equipment and holds patents for the Iron Curtain Filter System™ for removal of iron, sulfur (rotten egg odor) and manganese. The family business, with 60 employees and a strong dealer base, continues to grow and expand across the US.

Borba distribution announced
Anheuser-Busch Cos. announced its wholesalers would begin distributing Borba Skin Balance Waters in select US cities in November, according to The Soft Drink Letter. The move comes after Anheuser-Busch agreed to distribute and market the product line worldwide. Borba retained the right to sell to some select accounts and online. The water is currently available at high-end retailers.

Pure H20 to develop residential treatment units
Pure H2O, Inc., provider of novel advanced water and wastewater treatment systems, has initiated the development of a residential under-sink water treatment unit. According to a Business Wire report, the company’s R&D consultants predict the first working prototype is less than six months away. The company is also developing a comprehensive Installation, Service and Warranty (ISW) Division, “to ensure customer satisfaction and provide a further revenue stream from yearly inspections.”

Bottle-versus-tap winner: home filtration suppliers
Cities across the country have officially banned government expenditures on bottled water and Americans got the message loud and clear, according to BusinessWire. The report noted that bottled water is expensive, not necessarily cleaner than tap water and is fraught with overwhelming environmental concerns. It further reported that properly filtered tap water can be both healthful and delicious and is more economical than bottled water. In response, Everpure, LLC, a restaurant drinking water filtration supplier, has developed the ROM II and ROM III commercial-grade water filtration systems designed to improve the quality and taste of home tap water.

Bottle safety challenged
The safety of PET bottles came under the scrutiny of US News & World Report recently. Regarding chemicals in plastic bottles related to bisphenol A, most bottled water comes packaged in polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) plastic bottles. The hormone-mimicking chemical that can disturb the body’s endocrine system has been found to leach from polycarbonate plastic, which is used to make certain sturdy, reusable water bottles, baby bottles and water coolers. According to the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), a trade association for the PET plastic industry, PET bottles don’t contain bisphenol A.

Black & Veatch service expanded
Black & Veatch opened a new office in Lawrence, Kan., establishing a base of operation for the Wakarusa Water Reclamation Facilty Project as well as other current and future work. The firm also announced the expansion of Australian operations, including a new office in Sydney. The company’s role in water infrastructure projects in Australia includes the design and construction of the Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment Plant, multiple design packages for the Sydney Desalination Blueprint Design Project and a major upgrade of three wastewater treatment plants in the metropolitan areas of Perth, Western Australia, as part of the W2W Alliance there.

Instapure distribution in Canada
Instapure Brands, Inc. of Loveland, Colo. announced that Envirogard Products Limited of Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada) has been appointed as the exclusive stocking distributor for Instapure products in Canada. Previously a part of Waterpik, Instapure created the faucet-mount filter category 31 years ago and continues to be a world leader in design, function and performance.

Latin America

Chinese firm expands to western hemisphere
Taiwan Grace, a Chinese firm that specializes in water and air filtration, announced its intention to expand to the Central and South American markets. The firm also provides OEM solutions and is seeking regional distribution partners. For more information, visit www.

Mexico students win SJWP
Adriana Alcántara Ruiz, Dalia Graciela Díaz Gómez and Carlos Hernández Mejía from the Cultural Institute of Paideia in Toluca, Mexico were awarded the prestigious 2007 Stockholm Junior Water Prize during World Water Week in Stockholm. Crown Princess Victoria presented the award on behalf of the Stockholm Water Foundation. The winners also received a US $5,000 scholarship and a crystal sculpture. The team’s project, The Elimination of Pb(II) From Water Via BIO-Adsorption Using Eggshell, developed a novel approach to absorb lead in industrial wastewater by utilizing eggshells, a locally abundant bio-organic waste material. By mixing ground-up eggshells in a liquid lead solution, the students successfully removed more than 90 percent of lead pollutants from liquid waste. This low-cost, time-efficient method can be applied in both small-scale industries large industrial operations.


S2C agreement for UK distribution plan
S2C Global Systems, a designer and developer of a commercial vending system that delivers pre-packaged, five-gallon bottled water from the bottling plant to the consumer, signed a letter of intent (LOI) with GB Support Services of Manchester, UK. According to MarketWire, the LOI will lay the groundwork for a formal joint venture agreement regarding distribution and marketing of the S2C’s products in Europe, commencing with the UK. The formal agreement should be finalized in the first quarter of 2008.


Water purifiers for Darfur
WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. has received an order to produce 10 Mobile MaxPure™ units for use in Darfur, Sudan. The proprietary portable, solar-driven water pumping and purifying units, purchased for an aggregate of $775,000, will provide approximately 30,000 gallons (113,562.4 liters) of safe drinking water daily at each of 10 sites across the ravaged desert region. Deliveries were scheduled for September and October with installation to take place in October and November.


Dow membranes for desal
Dow Water Solutions’ advanced FILMTEC™ membrane technology is at the heart of Western Australia’s largest seawater desalination plant. The newly commissioned Perth Seawater Desalination Plant, currently the largest in the southern hemisphere, significantly improves the availability of drinking water for more than 200,000 Perth residents.

POU distribution agreement announced
Waterlogic has entered a long-term exclusive agreement with ISS Australia, a provider of facility services and part of The ISS Group. ISS Pure Water, a new division of ISS Australia, will exclusively offer Waterlogic point of use (POU) water dispensers nationwide under the joint branding of Waterlogic and ISS.

Middle East

Masdar investment for HaloSource
Masdar, through the $250 million clean-technology investment vehicle, Masdar Clean Tech Fund LP, invested $15 million in HaloSource to accelerate expansion of the company’s drinking water business in developing world markets. Masdar is an initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi undertaken by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, a private, joint stock company established and wholly owned by Mubadala Development Company.


New membranes for Singapore
Singapore’s first two NEWater plants at Bedok and Kranji will be fitted with new filtration membranes, five years after the two plants began operation, Channel News Asia reported. PUB says international water companies GE Water & Process Technologies and Siemens Water Technologies have been awarded contracts to spearhead the two projects. GE is expected to complete the S$3.39 million (US $2.2 million) project at the Bedok plant by the first quarter of 2008; Siemens’ contract at the Kranji plant, worth S$3.6 million (US $2.3 million), should be completed by the second quarter of 2008.


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