By Karen R. Smith

WC&P welcomes two new Technical Review Committee Members
As promised, we are continuing our expansion of the Technical Review Committee here at the magazine to provide you with unparalleled scientific expertise combined with real-world experience.

Both of the newest committee members are well known throughout the industry; you may enjoy learning a bit more about them and their companies as well!

Gary Battenberg brings over 25 years of experience to the committee in the fields of residential, commercial, industrial and high purity water treatment processes specializing in problem groundwater and surface water remediation. Battenberg’s breadth of knowledge encompasses product design and engineering. He has worked extensively in filtration, ion exchange, ultraviolet (UV)  sterilization, reverse osmosis (RO) and ozone technologies. Battenberg is National Technical Director of Hague Quality Water International and has held that position since 1997.

He is a regular workshop presenter at EWQA and other opportunities for certified continuing education credits. Many will recall that Battenberg led the precedent-setting, hands-on workshop on Hague units given at WQA Aquatech USA Orlando last year (see WC&P May 2007 for a complete review).

Hague Quality Water International, one of the leading manufacturers of residential water treatment equipment in the world, was started in the 1950s by William R. Hague in Columbus, Ohio. Today, Hague’s WaterMax is an internationally recognized leader in the industry and has the accreditation of the NSF and the WQA. At the end of the last century, the manufacturing plant expanded twice and is poised for continued success and growth—and is still overseen by founder Bill Hague, making the firm the oldest major company in the industry under continuous ownership and management.

Battenberg can be contacted at Hague Quality Water International, 4343 S. Hamilton Rd. Groveport, OH 43125; telephone: (614) 836-2115; fax:(614) 836-9876 or email:

Henry Nowicki, Ph.D., MBA, is the President of PACS Testing, Consulting and Training Services, Inc. and Activated Carbon Services, a position he’s held as founder for 24 years. Dr. Nowicki worked for Calgon, a major manufacturer of activated carbon and for Envirotrol, a reactivator of used carbons, in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area before starting PACS.

Dr. Nowicki provides public activated carbon testing, consulting and training services, is an expert in environmental sciences and has been awarded eight R&D competitive government grants for new product developments for water and air purification. He has championed the development of new testing equipment and methods to evaluate activated carbons and environmental analytical test methods for water, soil and activated carbon samples.

An active member of four societies, American Chemical Society, Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP), Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP), and International Activated Carbon Conference, Dr. Nowicki regularly serves as an expert witness and has worked to date on some 40 legal cases covering a wide variety of issues including industrial hygiene, drugs, environmental sciences, data quality and activated carbon.

Dr. Nowicki can be contacted at PACS, Inc., 409 Meade Dr., Coraopolis PA 15108; telephone : (724) 457-6576; fax: (724) 457-1214; or email:


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