By Kera Gibson

As the Southwest Florida dealer for EcoWater Systems, we provide professional water analysis, water treatment equipment sales and high quality service for all brands of water treatment equipment. We’re commited to customer service and work to educate our community about the benefits of refined water in an open, non-threatening way. Absolute Water Management thinks of its customers as partners: we listen to what they say and support them with quality services tailored to their individual needs.

EcoWater focuses on research and development, top-quality education and training and provides a supportive dealer network. The number one goal is to always conduct business in an honest, ethical and honorable way. The results speak for themselves: steady growth, an increased client base and a highly skilled staff.

Absolute Water Management serves Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties in Florida’s central west coastal region. In addition to our Eco Water systems, we are the Florida distributor for Chung Ho’s Simply Pure systems (wholesale and retail RO bottle-less water coolers) and a certified Gould’s dealer. We also offer equipment maintenance programs, chemical delivery service and after-hours emergency service for unexpected water problems, in addition to pumps, well pumps and pressure tanks. Our exclusive phone-in diagnostic system allows consumers to monitor water consumption daily or monthly.

Overcoming challenges
Our company initially faced difficulty in maintaining a proportionate number of qualified employees to meet the needs of the enlarging community. The growing residential marketplace here is more aware than ever before of the necessity for quality water treatment. Also, the increased residential population using city water requires educated employees capable of solving water problems unique to Florida’s municipal water. We overcame this obstacle by seeking qualified employees through local newspaper and Internet advertisements. EcoWater Systems and the dealer network have also been instrumental in finding qualified personnel. Internally, we view hiring new employees as teamwork and several key staff members are involved in the recruitment process. We perform background checks and screenings on prospective employees and those hired are trained extensively in-house. Finally, we take advantage of the numerous training sessions, workshops, clinics and seminars EcoWater Systems regularly offers.

Another challenge our company faces is how to reach the community and explain the benefits of clean, clear water. Absolute Water Management emphasizes that through quality and commitment, we can and will meet their needs. First and foremost, we offer everyone in our community the benefit of a free professional water analysis. This serves to educate consumers about regional water quality problems and allows them to take charge of ensuring high quality water for themselves and their families.

Outreach programs
Absolute Water Management is involved in many community activities and awareness programs, which showcase our products and services. We offer, at no cost or obligation, trial periods and introductory offers that allow consumers to experience the difference our water treatment systems can make. The company also employs a variety of direct mail methods to reach homeowners. In all aspects of consumer contact, we act with integrity, honesty and with the benefit of the customer in mind. Many times we find community members have been approached about water treatment in an inappropriate way or have received unsatisfactory service from another water treatment company. We overcome this barrier with ethical business practices, hard work, education and experience.

Looking ahead
One of the biggest industry changes is that consumers seem much more aware of water quality and its importance. Our company believes the POU bottle-less cooler business is the next frontier in the water treatment business. Bottled water delivery, as it is done now, will be replaced totally by POU coolers. The recurring revenue aspects of cooler rentals make for a tremendous synergy with our water treatment rental base. Given the high costs of fuel and labor, bottled water companies will not be able to compete with POU product lines.

We foresee steady growth as we educate more of the community about water quality. The future of water treatment in our area will present opportunities for improved product quality and service. We will implement new service programs as a direct response to our customers’ requests. Absolute Water Management will target the growing number of municipal water customers with a larger portion of upcoming advertisements, trial offers, promotions and direct mailings.

The industry, as a whole, still has a tremendous amount of potential for growth. All that is necessary to be successful is honesty, hard work and to have fun while making a difference. It’s our hope that water treatment will provide a future for our children – and for their children one day.


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