Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Each month, WC&P actively solicits content that will be informative and interesting to our readers. From business owners to salespeople, the collaborative effort involved in capturing (and keeping) the market’s attention is extensive. We are fortunate the pool of writing talent within this industry is vast. Who is more trusted to present water treatment content than your peers?

We realize not everyone can put his/her thoughts into the required formats of media companies. That’s where the editorial staff enters the process. We strive to help authors share their extensive industry knowledge with the widest possible audience. Is there something you want to know more about? Are you a subject matter expert? Do you occupy an industry niche that would provide specialized knowledge for our readers that isn’t available elsewhere?

Most WC&P readers are familiar with Executive Insight and Dealer Profile. Would your story bring more insight and inspiration to water treatment professionals? Have you been featured? Would you like to be? Is there a specific person or company you would like to know more about?

Companies change as business dictates. Have you added new staff or expanded your facility? Are you starting a new product line this year? Do you have a training program that would benefit others? What shows will you be hosting or sponsoring?

Look through the pages of any issue and you will notice small boxes with contact information for the various departments. Please do take advantage of the opportunity to provide us with your latest products, staff announcements and calendar notices.

Let us know who, what, when, where, why and how. We’ll keep the rest of the industry informed. With your help. None of us do it alone.



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