By Karen R. Smith

Was it good for you?
This issue of WC&P will be in your hands just after WQA Aquatech 2007 ends. My crystal ball works well enough for me to predict the show will be a significant success on many levels: high attendance, record numbers of exhibitors, dozens of educational offerings and the opportunity to meet everyone and find everything you need to succeed.

The evolution of this very important trade show doesn’t happen in a vacuum. First and foremost, there are the changes in the industry itself – consolidations, outsourcing, retirements, retoolings. Add to that increasing regulatory criteria, both across the US, throughout the EU and around the world. Multiply that by a factor of 12 for the ripple effects of new technologies, whether nanoparticles or new insights into the actual nature of good old H2O. Add to that the scarcity of water, whether because of drought or shortsighted development. Then take it to the nth place with education, enhancement and excitement.

When all those factors come together, with the aid of dedicated staff and industry members, you get WQA Aquatech – the best opportunity of its kind for water treatment professionals.

Now, if you didn’t go to the show, you can stop reading right here. I’m sure you had your reasons and there’s no use telling you after the fact what a mistake you made in skipping it.

But if you attended…we need your input! The best show in the world can get better — only if you help. What worked for you at this year’s show? And as importantly, what didn’t? Do not lose sight of the fact that this is YOUR trade show. Because it is YOUR trade association. Its greatness derives from you.

As a publicist, I always provided debriefing sheets for my clients when they attended a trade show. It enabled them to rapidly and easily jot down their impressions, good and bad. At one gathering, for example, what everyone remembered afterwards was how thirsty they were – simply not enough places to hydrate and a very dry HVAC system at the convention hall. Another symposium the overall feedback was that the educational offerings were not ‘real world’ in the view of the participants. At still another, the show was deemed so wonderful in every aspect that all the feedback instructed the association to do it again the following year without changing a thing!

We’ll be printing a complete roundup of all the activities and events that made this year’s event special – and we’d like to include your thoughts. Prefer anonymity? Happy to oblige. Want to individually spotlight someone who went the extra mile this year to make it happen? Happy to help. Share your thoughts with us today – and we’ll all benefit tomorrow.

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