By Karen R. Smith

For 12 years, Morgan Yang worked as an engineer. During that time, he traveled to more than 50 countries. Wanting to start his own business, he began to wonder whether there was something that would be of value to everyone, everywhere.

“What is the one thing that everyone in all these countries needs the most? What could I provide that would help others?” There seemed only one, obvious answer: water. In 1989, relying on the skills he acquired as a working engineer, he entered the water treatment industry – and opened Puricom.

The company began as a local resource for residential water treatment. After establishing a solid domestic base, Yang expanded into the international market. To meet the challenges of a widening range of requirements, he began developing innovative products to meet the demands of the marketplace. “I made a conscious decision, at the outset, that quality and dependability would be our top priority,” he recalls. Today, Puricom Water Industrial Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer with a very strong R&D department, ready to design innovative reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems to suit any need, with a product line that ranges from household units to industrial systems.

A touch of class
Puricom was the first manufacturer to put RO systems in an elegant protective casing. A graceful touch of class to give the healthful qualities of an RO system the elegance it deserves, Yang realized that it meant these units could come out of the closet and move into the home from the garage. Puricom now has its own art studio and a full time artist, working in conjunction with R&D to develop appealing, artistic products. A visit to Spain gave Puricom’s artist the chance to see Antoni Gaudi’s architectural work. Returning to Taiwan inspired, he designed the Belle line of cabinets which incorporate a design that uses no straight lines.

Direct flow
In 2001, Puricom was challenged to design the most compact RO possible. Thus was born their Direct Flow Tankless RO system. Using a high pressure booster pump, three standard 12-inch size RO elements, (plus prefilter) and an electronic auto-flushing system, the unit provides a 1.7 liter per minute flow while running at a 60 percent recovery rate. A five- second flush at the end of each use allows this very economical recovery rate and at the same time, greatly minimizes TDS creep, which prolongs the life of the RO membrane.

The unit can be programmed from a PC upon installation, enabling it to adjust to local water conditions, notify the user of filter change times, water quality and even displays the name and phone number of the dealer to call for service. The whole unit is about the size of a thick briefcase stood on end. This system is now available in a variety of models and options.

Continued innovations
Yang was delighted to introduce Puricom’s newest offering at WQA Aquatech in Chicago last year. The PuriHome® Whole Home RO was created to make whole house purification possible in any residence, including small family homes. It includes an RO filter system, storage tank and supply pump, all encased in a cabinet about the size of a small broom closet. “We unveiled the new additions to the Whole Home line at

Aquatech 2006 in Amsterdam,” Yang continued, noting that they now include ultra and nano filtration systems.

The ongoing commitment to design and innovation means an ongoing investment in facilities and abilities. In addition to consistently expanding staff and office space, in 1998 Puricom opened its own booster pump factory. More additions, more expertise, and in 2004, Yang built Puricom’s new factory at its present location. As business continued to increase, in 2006, the factory area was expanded by an additional 35 percent.

Global reach
Yang’s decision to enter the international marketplace has made the Puricom brand well known throughout the world, notably in the Middle East. The predominance of brackish water, often in the 6000-8000 PPM TDS range, has made Puricom’s custom designs, standard domestic and industrial RO systems from 1500 GPD to 1 million GPD a market leader.

Yang’s business model has been one of mutual benefit, partnerships and compatible ventures. Based on mutual trust and cooperation, these alliances have produced opportunities to grow and prosper together. In 2006, Puricom Europe opened in Barcelona (Spain) and Puricom China opened in Shanghai.

Looking to the future
From its inception, two things have remained uncompromised at Puricom: quality and innovation. With a strong R&D department, Yang has kept the firm’s position at the leading edge of the RO industry. “We watch the trends and always look to the future,” he explained, noting that the firm’s expertise is in their readiness to offer real-world solutions to the quickly changing demands of industry. Going forward, one area Puricom is very interested in developing is the use of green energy in water filtration.

Giving to the next generation is important to Yang as well. Puricom has a work-study co-op program with a local university. Students are taught the latest technology and challenged to come up with new ideas and solutions. They have been brought into the company and worked hands-on in every department. “This is a chance for Puricom to cultivate and train up new designers for the future, not only for ourselves, but for the water industry as a whole and to be a help to the world,” Yang said.

Full circle
Morgan Yang’s original decision to enter the water treatment industry began with the question of how he could help the world. Continued dedication to that philosophy of being of service and help to others has remained the focus of his business strategies.

Donating water filters for mission schools in Taiwan or helping provide clean water in Liberian hospitals — for many years now, Puricom has had a monthly budget created to help a variety of local and international charities and continues to help local youth through a variety of educational programs in Taiwan, China and India.


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