By Larry Lewis, CWS-III

It was Friday September 22, 2006, in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. The Colorado Water Quality Association (CWQA) and the Rocky Mountain Water Quality Conference was under way.  People were scurrying about trying to get settled into their hotel rooms to ready for the events of the day.  This was no easy task, simply because the whole town of Estes Park was bustling with sightseers to watch the elk run through the town and surrounding areas. No place is safe from the huge bulls gathering their harems – not church lawns, not private yards and of, not course golf courses.

At noon, on Friday, there was testing for certification exams: water specialists (I – VI), sales representative and installer.  There were 12 brave souls willing to fry their brains to come up with the correct answers.  These tests are no easy task! Kudos to those who are committed enough to educate themselves in water chemistry, equipment installation, proper sales procedures and last but not least, ethics.

The toughest chore of our convention started at one o’clock at the Estes Park Golf Club.  I hate to admit that there are a few of us that will fly across several states just to try to pound a little white ball into submission.  The weather was cold and windy this year, causing several people to bow out, yet there were 16 that persevered. And it was worth it!  The game was ‘Best Ball’ and our winners were Kendall Smith, representing EAI West; Phil Hoffman, representing Pure Water Solution, Inc.; Jack Lewis, also representing Pure Water Solutions, Inc. and Eric Smith, representing Culligan of Brighton, Co. I hear the same complaint every year. “We had to shoo the elk off of the green so that we could putt!” It’s just terrible! Just shows what perserverance those golfers have!

We wish to thank the sponsors of this year’s golf tournament, Quality Wholesale Supply, Englewood, Co. and ResinTech, Inc.’s, West Coast office.

Friday evening, the trade show got under way with 18 exhibitors showcasing a good variety of products and services, from insurance to pumps and finance to pretreatment.  We also had a nice buffet dinner brought in to appease the horde; this worked well, most everything one could need in one big room.  We wish to thank those vendors – without them, the conference would not have been possible.

Dewco Pumps & Equipment, Rick Wray
U S Resin, Lynda Thomson
Kinetico, John Rickert
Clear Water Tech., John Dittberner
Clear Rinse Systems, Donna Puterbaugh
Wood Brothers Industries, Russ Kraft
Aqua Finance, Andrea Sweeney, Kerianne Steger
Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine, John Miller
Hague Quality H2O, Bud Tinker
Best Environmental, Alec Yavich
American Finco, Derek Hunter
Quality Wholesale Supply, Brad Kooi
Harrington Industrial Plastics, Daryl McCormick
EAI West, Kendall Smith
Colorado Water Wizard, Jeff Truesdall
CoWest Insurance, Laurie Lewis, Joel Walker
Precision Instrument Products, Susan Kernan,
Watts/Alamo Industrial, Adam Nelson

  On Saturday, September 23rd several excellent speakers presented educational sessions.

  • John Dittberner of Clear Water Tech started out with a great discussion, “Oversight of Ozone Markets”.
  • “You mean you can’t pay me now?” This very informative talk was presented by Jeffrey W. Ludwig, Attorney at Law.
  • Rick Wray from Dewco Pumps & Equipment spoke about “Chemical Applications & Sizing Equipment”, which answered many questions.
  • Russ Kraft of Wood Brothers Ind. reminded us of the importance of “Sizing of Commercial Equipment”.  This was Russ’ first time at the lectern and he led a lively discussion.  Great job!
  • “DI Sizing & Application” was the topic for Dean Lewis representing Pure Water Solutions, Inc. We thank Dean for stepping in at the last minute to round out our schedule.

We closed with an open questions, comments and feedback session. For those attendees with WQA certification, this complete session was worth six hours of seat time, which translates to 0.6 CEU’s.

Saturday evening, a group of 20 or so went to Hunters Chop House for a good diner, lively conversation and great company.  We get together every year at a local restaurant to top off our convention; by the way, all are welcome to attend this yearly ritual.

Sunday morning, most attendees were on their way home or to the next meeting, but not the board of directors. We were still working; the board meeting was conducted around a breakfast table and I believe that much was accomplished.

About the author
Larry L. Lewis, CWS-III is the current President of the Colorado Water Quality Association. Reach him at Pure Water Solutions, Inc. (303) 606-9093.



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