That was the catchy phrase the Arizona Water Quality Association to announce an important presentation at its November 2010 luncheon meeting and annual election. The presentation spurred the attendance of at least 50, including past WQA Presidents Doug White and Pat Dalee, several PWQA Past Presidents, current PWQA President Frank DaSilva and Dave Loveday of WQA. C. F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud of Systematix provided pictures from the event; Steve Fox of Next Filtration provided a copy of the presentation for reference and David Perry, AWQA, gave an overview of the subject matter, based on a previous presentation by Dr. Fox.

The WateReuse Foundation, an educational, nonprofit, public benefit corporation that serves as a centralized organization for the water and wastewater community to advance the science of water reuse, recycling, reclamation, and desalination has commissioned Arizona State University (ASU) to conduct a key study of softener alternatives, to look for technologies that can provide the benefits of soft water while reducing wastewater salinity. Several municipal water groups, who have provided in-kind contributions, have joined this WRF-funded study. AWQA arranged for a special appearance by Dr. Peter Fox of ASU’s Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, who is heading the study..The WRF proposal noted that Evaluation of Alternatives to Domestic Ion Exchange Water Softeners, WRF-08-06, will focus primarily on scaling, which can be scientifically quantified. It was noted in the presentation that the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is developing a standard protocol based on the DVGW protocol, which will allow for NSF certification. Dr. Fox and his study team will use (somewhat modified) German Association of Gas and Water Board protocol DVGW-W512, to determine effectiveness of water conditioning devices installed to prevent or reduce scaling in drinking water heating systems and secondary installations. Physical water treatment (PWT) devices may be classified as scale-inducing or scale-preventing.

As ‘Chubb’ Michaud notes in his article on page ____, these devices are not water softeners.

In a discussion with Steve Fox, he noted that there is a big problem with junk devices and technology. “We have to educate the dealers and the members of our association, eliminate the junk, give dealers real products that provide real performance. It just takes time and persistence. My goal, after 25 years of wasting water by pioneering RO all over the planet, is to further sustainable technologies and embrace the WQA while doing it.  They are the people we have worked with from the beginning. The tide is changing and it is never too late to advance technology with an eye toward sustainability.”

AWQA Executive Director David Perry announced the new officers as determined by the annual election. They include Douglas Oberhamer, Culligan Phoenix, President; R. Leigh DeGrave, Water Tec of Tucson, Vice President and Jeff Averyt, High Peaks, Secretary-Treasurer. New directors include David Foster, Arrow Industries; Martin Jessen, Rayne Water; Paul Reside, B&R Industries and Rex Ruddick, Culligan Water, Tucson.


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