Purolite announced a global price increase of four to seven percent for all products due to higher raw material costs and energy demands. The increase took effect in November. ?

BASF Catalysts LLC announced a global price increase for its alumina-based products of six to eight percent, depending on the product. The price increase will be effective on all orders scheduled to ship after January 1, 2007. ?

The LANXESS chemicals group increased prices for Lewatit® and Ionac® resin products five to seven percent. Novodur®, Lustran® (ABS) and Triax® (PA/ABS) resins added €150 ($191.09 US) per metric ton. Trimethylolpropane (TMP) increased in Europe by €150 per metric ton and in the overseas markets by $200 (US) per metric ton. The new pricing took effect in October. ?

Calgon Carbon Corporation received notification that the US Department of Commerce (US DOC) has announced the imposition of preliminary anti-dumping duties ranging from 14-228 percent on all imports of steam activated carbon from China. The announcement was a result of an anti-dumping petition filed in March 2006. Calgon Carbon estimates that more than 80 percent of the Chinese carbon currently exported to the US will be subject to tariffs of 70 percent or higher. The DOC will immediately order US Customs and Border Protection to require importers to post a bond or cash deposit in the amount of the duties. Over the next several months the DOC will verify information submitted by various respondents. A final determination is expected in April 2007. The final dumping duties could be imposed for up to five years. ?

Dow Biocides announced a global price increase of 10 percent for list and off-list prices of its entire DBNPA (2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropianamide) product portfolio effective December 1, 2006. Product trade names include AQUCAR™ DBNPA water treatment microbiocides, Antimicrobial 7287, Antimicrobial 8536, DBNPA 100 P-Tech, DBNPA 100 Powder and DBNPA Powder Water Soluble Bags. ?

Flowserve Corp. opened a fully equipped regional sales and service Quick Response Center in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. The facility offers direct local access to customers throughout Europe. ?

Tri Palm International filed a patent infringement lawsuit again MTN Products, Inc., IGO Consolidated Corporation and Formosa Prosonic Equipment alleging infringement of its exclusive license of US Patent Numbers 5,222,531; 5,289,854; 5,295,519 and 5,289,855. The patents cover Tri Palm’s WaterGuard® and WaterSafe® accessories for bottled water coolers. “We will continue to vigorously defend our patents against companies that infringe upon them,” said Todd Kuehn, Tri Palm International Marketing Manager. Tri Palm International previously filed patent infringement lawsuits for the same patents against General Electric Company, Sunbeam Products, Inc., American Household, Inc., Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., The Home Depot, Inc., Prestige Home Comfort, Inc., L’Image Home Products, Inc., Haier America Trading L.L.C., Haier America Import L.L.C., and Haier Group Company. Those lawsuits were resolved amicably among the parties. In other news, Tri Palm International will be transitioning from a team of external maufacturer’s reps to an internal sales force for bottled water cooler and point-of-use water cooler lines. ?

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI) sold its Automation Products Group to Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG). APG was formed as a result of STI Safety Products Group’s recent merger with a subsidiary of Japan-based Omron Corporation. ?

Krohne’s Waterflux 2070 won the prestigious Innovation Award at Aquatech Amsterdam 2006. Hyflux Ceparation was named category winner for its CEPAration CeraCep product. ?

UK-based Lifescience Products Ltd. moved to new facilities at Ranger’s Lodge, Cornbury Park, Oxon, OX7 3HL. New contact numbers are (telephone) 01608 811707 and (fax) 01608 819060. Email remains unchanged: [email protected]. ?

John Guest USA and John Guest Automotive moved to a larger facility in November. The new address is 180 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004; new mailing address is PO Box 11085, Fairfield, NJ, 07004. Phone and fax numbers remain the same, (973) 808-5600 and (973) 808-5036.?

North America

Pentair in the news
Pentair launched a pilot training program for its water treatment and filtration products in Ohio in early November. The program, sponsored by Pentair and one of its OEM regional partners, will be targeted toward/open to all water treatment dealers in the region.
In other news, the company revised its earnings per share (EPS) guidance from continuing operations for the third quarter 2006 and full year 2006 to reflect the soft pool equipment market and resulting distributor inventory adjustments. The revised guidance takes into consideration the performance of the firm’s other water businesses and the Technical Products Group. In addition, the company’s board of directors authorized an increase in its common stock repurchase program to $100 million. Under a previous repurchase authorization, the company completed common stock purchases of $50 million earlier in the third quarter.

Aqua Finance launches leasing program
Aqua Finance, Inc. (AFI) entered into an agreement with Advantage Leasing Corporation allowing AFI to expand its programs and begin offering commercial leasing in addition to its consumer finance plans. Under the new agreement, commercial leases can be funded for amounts from $2,000 to $150,000. Leases under $75,000 are processed the day the application is received and larger leases are processed within 72 hours. The program has no pre-payment penalty and can be used for new or used equipment.

IBWA and NRC recycling campaign
The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) participated as a co-sponsor of the National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC) launch of a historic campaign to reignite American consumer interest in recycling by providing clear, consistent information on what, how and why to recycle. Visit the website for more information www.bottledwater.org.

IonLife and Conquest joint venture
IonLife, Inc. and Conquest International have entered into a US joint venture to provide equipment to bottled water plants and water stores for the commercial production and bottling of alkaline ionized water. Referred to by many names (electrolyzed, functional, structured, micro-clustered and hexagonal) such waters have long been recognized as preventative medicine in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.  It is estimated that today in Japan nearly 20 percent of households have some form of ionizer.

EPA news
A new rule issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) targets utilities that provide water from underground sources and requires greater vigilance for potential contamination by disease-causing microorganisms. A groundwater system is subject to triggered source water monitoring if its treatment methods don’t already remove 99.99 percent of viruses. Utilities will be required to look for and correct deficiencies in their operations to prevent contamination from pathogenic viruses (rotavirus, echoviruses, noroviruses) and bacteria (E. coli, salmonella and shigella). Systems must begin to comply with the new requirements by Dec. 1, 2009.
In other agency news, US EPA and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) signed a partnership agreement to establish and promote quality credit trading markets through cooperative conservation. Water quality credit trading uses a market-based approach that offers incentives to farmers and ranchers who implement conservation practices. While reducing pollution, they can earn credits that can be traded with industrial or municipal facilities that are required by the Clean Water Act and other laws to reduce levels of pollution.

Avian flu breakthrough by Vortex
Vortex Corporation announced that its patented photo-oxidation technology (currently funded by the Department of Homeland Security) effectively destroys the Avian Influenza A virus (commonly known as Bird Flu) in water. The unique technology naturally destroys the virus while eliminating the security and health-related risks associated with chlorine and similar agents. In a recent study by the firm and the University of Minnesota, the new process—mimicking natural water purification—was found to destroy the H9N9 subtype of Avian Influenza A in water. The H9N9 strain is comparable to the H5N1 subtype identified by World Health Organization (WHO) as potentially fatal to humans.

Siemens offers resin testing
The Water Technologies division of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services announced an ion exchange resin analysis service to determine the quality and help diagnose any water treatment system operating problems. The test verifies whether the resin is fouled and should be cleaned or replaced or whether there are other performance-related issues that need to be addressed. Customers may request that a company service technician visit their site to collect the resin sample for testing or may collect the resin sample themselves with a kit provided by the firm. Visit www.resintest.usfilter.com for more information.

New patents
Pionetics® announced that its LINX™ electrically regenerated ion exchange system for cleansing water has been awarded a patent in Brazil. The patent covers the device and the process by which contaminants are removed in the treatment system. The company now holds six international patents in the US, China, Germany, France and Korea and has others pending in several countries. International distribution of the products through global OEM channels began earlier in the year.
A patent was awarded to Arizonan Steven K. Sedlmayr for a microwave fluid heating and distillation method. The basis of the invention is a process that uses the direct output from a microwave source (or antenna) to heat the fluids. The scalable system, for use in very small to very large operations, is inexpensive to build and significantly reduces power consumption.

Sandia develops contaminant-warning system
Sandia National Laboratories researchers are working with US EPA, University of Cincinnati and Argonne National Laboratory to develop contaminant warning systems that can monitor municipal water systems to determine quickly when and where a contamination occurs. The project is part of US EPA’s Threat Ensemble Vulnerability Assessment (TEVA) program to counter threats against water systems. The collaboration began in 2003 when the lab’s efforts to model threat assessments to water systems became known. During the ensuing three years, the team created world-class software to address water security issues.

Foundations established by Behring
Kenneth E. Behring announced the formation of a two new non-profit organizations. The Global Health and Education Foundation (GHEF) is dedicated to improving the health, education, social and economic well being of individuals in need around the world. The WaterLeaders Foundation is dedicated to delivering clean water solutions to the world.

Behring provided the organizations with start-up capital to cover the first two years of operation. He also provided a $636,900 grant to the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences to develop a web-based resource to inform decision makers about the importance of safe drinking water and what they can do to meet this need. The resource exhibit, Safe Drinking Water is Essential, will be aimed at an international audience and will survey the range of solutions and technologies available to increase the quality and quantity of drinkable water worldwide.  It is expected to be released in 2007 and will be available on the Internet, as well as on CD.

Testing successful for HaloSource
HaloSource Inc.’s newly designed drinking water device recently passed its most rigorous testing at BioVir Laboratories, Inc. in Benicia, California as an initial step toward satisfying US EPA registration requirements. The new device utilizes patented disinfection media to kill bacteria and viruses. It will be used as an upgrade to common gravity-fed canister filter systems with cyst-reducing ceramic candle filters.

ADI wins technology award
ADI of New Brunswick, Canada, was presented with the Canadian Innovation Award for Environmental Technology. The award was presented for the firm’s MEDIA G2® technology for removing arsenic from drinking water. Although the competition was intense, the technology has been commercialized and sold globally. “ADI has been focused on developing innovative technologies for many years and we have an excellent track record around the world,” said CEO Hollis Cole, P.E.

Hyundai products offered by Megola
According to Market Wire, Megola Inc. of Ontario, Canada has signed a dealership agreement with Hyundai Air & Water Technologies, Inc. to carry its water filtration, health and hygiene and air purification systems as part of Megola’s product offerings. The agreement, effective earlier this year, is exclusive to a three-county region in southwestern Ontario with a population of over 600,000. The company will offer POU purification systems and countertop water dispensers to complement its water treatment product line, as well as Hyundai’s portable air purification systems, which will debut in Megola’s new retail outlet, the Smart-Home Center, in Corunna, Ontario.


Aquatech international attendance up
Aquatech Amsterdam was visited by attendees from more than 100 countries. The number of international visitors was four percent higher than in 2004; 47 percent of the visitors came from outside the Netherlands. Particularly well represented among the visitors were Italy, Spain, Russia and the US. The event welcomed 871 exhibitors, more than 135 innovations/new products and numerous lectures and seminars in the two AquaStages. Walter van der Meer, Chairman of the international jury of experts, announced Khrone as the winner of the International Aquatech Innovation Award during the opening of the event.

NSF and CSTB certification partnership
A new partnership will now make it possible for independent certification of point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) residential drinking water treatment products to European standards. The new partnership involves NSF International and the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB, Science and Technology Centre for the Building Industry), one of Europe’s leading research and evaluation centers. The certification service will offer the French mark (the NF Mark) recognized throughout Europe. This partnership will also allow clients to demonstrate compliance with the new standards in conjunction with NSF certification as represented by the NSF Mark. Under the terms of the agreement, NSF and CSTB will work cooperatively to offer product manufacturers’ convenient, direct access to the NF Mark and the NSF Mark, including data reciprocity, shared audits and local project management.

ALLDOS modernizes largest pool
Two years ago, Bäderbetriebe Frankfurt (BBF) decided to equip its Frankfurt swimming pools in Frankfurt with ALLDOS water disinfection products and systems. From September 2005 to April 2006, the Brentano pool in Frankfurt am Main underwent complete modernization that cost about €3 million ($3.8 million). Measuring up to 220 meters long, 60 meters wide and with a water surface area of 11,000 square meters, the facility is the largest open-air swimming pool in Europe.

Frandsen creates filtering straw
Vestergaard Frandsen created a low-cost personal water purification system that lasts for about one year, for use in areas lacking access to potable water. According to The New York Times, about 70,000 Lifestraws were handed out to earthquake victims in Kashmir last year. The seven-filter device contains graduated meshes with holes as fine as six microns (a human hair is 50 to 100 microns), followed by resin impregnated with iodine and another of activated carbon. It filters out at least 99.99 percent of parasites and bacteria but is less effective against viruses and won’t protect against the parasite Giardia or filter out metals like arsenic. A slight iodine aftertaste has been reported, though not considered a problem. The tubes can be manufactured for about three dollars, but need more field-testing. A toddler version, which will be squeezable, is already in the works.

Middle East

Pump order for UAE resort
Met-Pro Corporation’s Fybroc Division in Telford (PA) has received an order to supply 101 corrosion resistant fiberglass centrifugal pumps for Atlantis, The Palm, a destination resort under development on the island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The pumps are scheduled to ship before the end of the company’s current fiscal year. The value of the order is in excess of $1.7 million (6,243,760 UAE dirhams). Fybroc pumps, which are virtually unaffected by seawater, are installed in hundreds of aquariums worldwide.


P&G extends commitment with nonprofit
Procter & Gamble Co. announced a partnership with nonprofit organization Population Services International (PSI) to provide safe drinking water in Africa. Reuters reported the company estimated its financial commitment would be $5 million over three years. The company said it would give $3.8 million to various partners on the project, including a $660,000 commitment from retired officers and the P&G Fund, the company’s philanthropic arm. PSI has previously joined P&G on other water projects in Uganda, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Botswana, Malawi, Haiti and Pakistan. They plan to expand the projects to Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia later this year.


Assure/Asia Water agreement announced
According to Forbes, California-based Assure Controls, Inc. signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Asia Water Solutions Company Ltd. to provide products and services to address China’s water problems. One product offered in the deal is a testing system that determines levels of toxicity in water. The multi-year arrangement will help the companies introduce new strategies and solutions to environmental needs.


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