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Dear One:

This is in regard to Charles Wysocki’s article, Let’s Get Physical, in the June/06 edition.

About 55 years ago, I noticed a process being used in the Sugar Mill to stop scale build-up in the evaporator.

I made a unit which consisted of 2 lead wound electrodes which were energi.~ed by low voltage rectified current. The hot line of 110 v went into a 3 watt neon bulb and then to the electrodes. The current went directly to the pipe ground to close the circuit.

The units were sold mostly to dry cleaners for their boiler feed water. Also, I sold 30 or 40 units to schools and public buildings for their closed heating systems.

The device worked with varied success, and in some cases, so well that it caused oxygen corrosion of the boiler tubes, I manufactured them for about 2 years; however, I abandon the project because it was anything but an exact science.

Mr. Wysocki said that NASA developed the technology. I had a patent search done in 1952. Going back to 1920, there were various configurations all intended to reverse the polarity of the calcium ion. This was 40 or more years before NASA was created.

If it was such a great idea, it would be in general use today.

Robert K. Morrill


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