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Mr. Krupinski also commented on the Handheld Integrity Tester for the POE Ultrafiltration System and how one could identify that the system is working properly. With the POE Ultrafiltration System, the Handheld Integrity Tester is used at commissioning to demonstrate that the system is installed correctly and working properly. With his system, there is no ability to demonstrate its proper performance at installation or after the regular and frequent cartridge changes it requires.

Despite claiming that his company’s POU system is the “most reliable, effective and economical solution”, though both demonstrated similar pathogen removal when tested to the U.S. EPA Guide protocol, given the greater capacities of POE ultrafiltration systems, their greater efficiencies, the similar testing claims and their ability to function on municipal, well, surface or rainwater supplies, we believe that it is no longer possible for him to claim that mantle. We also believe that the POE ultrafiltration can achieve in a single barrier what multi-barrier systems require several barriers to achieve.

Finally, in his rush to cast stones, Mr. Krupinski claimed that there is a “lack of widespread market acceptance of POE purifier devices”. We invite him to re-examine his familiarity of our industry and consider the POE UV, chlorination, ozone and other technologies that already thrive in the market. UF is the most recent addition to that POE arsenal.

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