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In the wake of flooding in New Orleans and Biloxi caused by Hurricane Katrina and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Rita, the water treatment industry responded en masse; providing money, individual expertise and access to clean drinking water for thousands of displaced residents, emergency personnel and others.

While far from a complete list of the individuals, businesses and associations that heeded the call to action, WC&P would like to recognize and thank those who have participated and continue to participate in the recovery and relief efforts, including the following:

  • The American Water Works Association mobilized its 57,000 members to provide professional expertise and personnel, as well as donate water-related equipment, supplies and other resources.
  • Anheuser-Busch provided more than 12,000 cases of drinking water to evacuation areas throughout Texas prior to the landfall of Hurricane Rita.
  • The Chlorine Council created a unique web page for volunteers outlining practical suggestions for using chlorination as a disinfection tool in areas affected by waterborne pathogens.
  • Clear Solutions International, based in Georgia, provided two water purification systems to mobile hospital units in Waveland, Miss. The two units produced more than 50,000 gpd for patients in need.
  • Culligan International Company donated five semi-trailer trucks full of bottled water to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Katrina.
  • The Colorado Water Quality Association organized a donation at its annual conference, matching member donations dollar for dollar.
  • Ecoloclean Industries, Inc., in conjunction with its wholly owned subsidiary, World Environmental Technologies, Inc., provided a mobile water purification system to the Biloxi Community Center to process drinking water from the damaged municipal system.
  • HydroFlo, Inc. donated water filtration systems along with consulting services, including an initial commitment for more than 5,000 water pitchers and filters, through its portfolio company, Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology, Inc.
  • The International Bottled Water Association coordinated the provision of more than four million containers of bottled water from dozens of its members and facilitated the delivery of the water to New Orleans. The Association continues to coordinate bottled water deliveries into the region.
  • Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corporation transferred over one-third of its production capability to provide assistance to the Red Cross and FEMA, ultimately supplying more than 80 truckloads holding 375,000 gallons of bottled water to shelters.
  • The Water Quality Association met with representatives from FEMA and directed its membership to the National Emergency Resource Registry to volunteer their expertise and equipment to the relief effort.
  • The Water Environment Federation provided similar coordination between its members and federal, state and local officials working in the affected areas. The Association has also added a Hurricane Katrina technical session to its WEFTEC 05 conference to discuss long-term water infrastructure redevelopment issues.
  • Wisconsin Pharmacal, a producer of iodine-based water purification tablets, provided bottles of Potable Aqua® purification equipment and tablets to the region.
  • Zenon Environmental donated 40 of its Homespring central water filtration systems to the affected region. Maytag Corp., Zenon’s distributor in North America, matched the donation with an additional 40 units.

A special thanks to Water Resources of Phoenix, which helped to distribute WC&P’s entire stock of private label water bottles to shelters for evacuees. We appreciate your assistance in helping us to do our part.



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