By George A. Rollins CWS 1

Seeking an easy-to-remember mnemonic device when training our dealer network personnel, I put together the following based on my 20 years in the industry on both the retail and wholesale sides of the business. It’s a good guideline and covers the fundamental basics of good water treatment philosophy.

Test: The only way any water professional can, with confidence, begin to pitch his/her company and equipment is to test the water and listen to the prospective customer’s concerns regarding the quality of that water.
Identify: In order to solve a problem, it is imperative that you identify it. Would you expect a doctor to prescribe medication for you without a thorough examination, without knowing precisely what ails you?
Prescribe: Now that you are sure of what the actual problem is, use your knowledge of equipment and practices to craft a solution.
Size: Knowing what equipment you are going to use to solve the issues at this particular job is just the beginning. If the proper equipment is not the correct size necessary for this installation, it will fail.
Sell: Now you are ready to close the deal. You’ve tested the water, identified contaminants, sized the proper equipment for this application. You have presented yourself and your company. Why wouldn’t this person buy from you?
Install: Now you can install the equipment, collect your money and walk away; or sell your new customer a maintenance contract, make them part of your salt route, arrange a yearly service agreement, etc.

About the author
George A. Rollins, CWS-I is with Action Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., in Trenton, Fla. He can be reached at 9069 SE County Road 319, Trenton FL 32693; telephone (352) 463-6444; fax (352) 463-6477; website



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