What a difference 30 years makes

Dear Sharon,

As we elderly tend to do, I was going through some old files this afternoon when the mail came. I had just been reading some nice things Jerry had to say about me (he didn’t know me well at this point) in the May, 1974 of “Water Conditioning”, when my wife, Sally, handed me the March 2005 of ”WC&P international”.. .What a difference 30 years makes in all of us. The big difference is you have improved greatly.

You and Kurt have taken a one color, 32-page publication in 1974 to a beautiful. Full color, 108-page publication that, in my personal opinion, is the leading book in the industry by a large margin.

Keep up the great work, I think it’s safe to say that Jerry is smiling down upon you. All the best,

Floyd R. Smith & Associates Communications Lakeville, MN


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