By Karen R. Smith

One of the nicest aspects of being the Executive Editor here at WC&P is the privilege of working with the Technical Review Committee. Their industry knowledge and professional expertise ensure that our articles consistently maintain the highest standards.

For the coming year, many have agreed to continue lending their skills to our endeavors. We know you will join us in welcoming both the returnees and the new members of the committee while thanking those who will go on to other endeavors.

Returning members

  • Peter S. Cartwright, P.E., CWS-VI (1996- ) A founding committee member, he heads Cartwright Consulting Co., of Minneapolis.
    Larry Gottlieb (2004-) The general manager of the ARIES Filterworks, a division of ResinTech Inc., and the vice president of the ACM Company, a ResinTech subsidiary that specializes in wastewater treatment using ion exchange.
  • Lawrence R. Henke (1996- ) Also a founding member, he’s principal partner in Ionex Inc., of Edina, Minn. Clients include Midwest Water Engineering of Minneapolis, Industrial Environmental Assoc., and many other municipal and private sector organizations.
  • Debra E. Huffman, Ph.D. (2003- ) A faculty research associate at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science in St. Petersburg, Fla., Debi is also director of USF’s Center for Healthy Beaches/Healthy Coasts and has broad experience in testing efficacy of drinking water treatment devices.
  • Evan E. Koslow, Ph.D. (2003- ) Founder and CEO of KX Industries L.P., of Orange, Conn., which was established in 1989.
  • Bruce Kucera (2003- ) Vice president of Norland International Inc., a bottled water systems manufacturer based in Lincoln, Neb., his work in the bottled water industry spans over 12 years.
  • C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI (1996-1999; 2002- ) Another founding member, Chubb is technical director of Systematix USA Inc., of Buena Park, Calif.
  • Shannon Murphy (2004-) Vice president, Municipal Water Programs, Watts Premier Inc., a division of Watts Water Technologies, of North Andover, Mass.
  • Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. (1997- ) A research scientist at the Environmental Research Laboratory of the University of Arizona’s Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science in Tucson, she writes our columns on waterborne contaminants: On Tap for WC&P and De la Llave for its sister publication, Agua Latinoamérica.

New members

  • David T. Dally is technical manager for the Sybron division of Lanxess (Bayer Chemicals). His areas of expertise include general water treatment as well as specialty processes. Dally spent six years with Nalco’s process refinery group, a decade at Crane Cochrane as a project engineer and joined Sybron 15 years ago. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, another in geology, and a masters in business administration.
  • Stephen R. Tischler is director of sales and marketing for National Testing Laboratories. A former analytical chemist at NASA, Stephen has a long history in the aerospace industry with expertise in quality control and analytical testing method development. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from John Carroll University and a master’s degree in business from Baldwin-Wallace College.

Transferring member
Michael C. Keller (2002- ) After an admirable year of service on WC&P’s Technical Review Committee, Mike has agreed to serve on the Technical Review Committee of our sister publication, Aqua Latinoamérica. There, he joins an august body of industry professionals focusing their expertise on the growing water market in Latin America.

He is product manager of the Household Ion Exchange Division for Sybron division of Lanxess (Bayer Chemicals).

Sincere thanks to departing members
Robert W. Boerner, CWS-V, Bret Petty, CWS-II and John L. Schlafer, P.E., Ph.D. have made significant contributions to our editorial excellence over the past year. They will be regularly featured in our pages as we will print each and every article they have the time to author and submit—after a thorough vetting by our Technical Review Committee.



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