By Nate F. Searing

Waterite Technologies Inc.
Unit 3 – 75 Meridian Drive
Winnipeg, MB R2R 2V9
Tel: (204) 786-1604 • Fax: (204) 783-1599

If Paul Jacuzzi’s name sounds a little familiar to you, it’s probably for one of three reasons. He’s the president and chief executive officer of Waterite Technologies Inc., one of the largest water technologies manufacturers in Canada. He sits on the board of directors of the Canadian Water Quality Association, helping the industry toward record growth in that country. Additionally, he has a long and illustrious history in both the plumbing and water purification industries.

Oh, and he’s a Jacuzzi.

“Most people ask that question pretty quick, ‘You’re in the water industry. You’re name’s Jacuzzi. Are you that Jacuzzi?” he explains.

Jacuzzi’s grandfather was one of the original Jacuzzi Brothers, who founded their now-famous company in 1915 in Berkeley, Calif. From the 1920s through the 1950s, Jacuzzi Brothers flourished in the industry, developing a host of groundbreaking equipment including the Jacuzzi Pump. While their pump products were designed primarily for agricultural and industrial applications, they laid the foundation for their namesake product.

“From all their designs, the evolution of their products, the whirlpool bath was born, the Jacuzzi,” he said.

In 1955, the company transferred Jacuzzi’s father to their fledgling operation in Canada, where he became president of Jacuzzi Canada Limited. Paul Jacuzzi stayed with the company until 1985 when he ventured off into the plumbing business, but remained in Canada.

Founded in 1982, Waterite Company became Waterite Technologies Inc., in 2000 after Jacuzzi purchased the company. With more than 20 years of experience in the plumbing and water purification industries, Jacuzzi came to Waterite in 1999 because he “saw a lot of potential in the company and I wanted to be a part of it. A friend had told me that the company might be for sale and I saw a huge opportunity,” Jacuzzi continued.

In his six years with Waterite, Jacuzzi has helped the company pursue an aggressive acquisitions program resulting in the purchase of Filter Soft Canada, Great Lakes Soft Water Company and many others.

In addition to growth in Canada, Waterite has made steady inroads into the United States, positioning its Canadian offices and distribution points just a few miles across the international border. As a result, Waterite has the ability to supply dealers and sell its own branded products to American clientele from Washington state to New England and is poised for growth in those areas that Jacuzzi hopes will one day rival their business in Canada.

The company has also recently introduced a line of eight-inch municipal membrane plants that Jacuzzi said would help bring clean water to the remote areas of Northern Canada. These RO systems are intended for the isolated regions that are typically short on technical and maintenance services and are adaptable for any water source, from groundwater to surface waters.

“It’s a big issue in Canada and will become a larger issue in the coming years,” Jacuzzi said. “I think we’re in the forefront in a way that no other manufacturer in the world is.”


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