The Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society (ISA) launched its Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanics (CIMM) program with a section on its web-site, www. Features include information about this new education effort for industrial maintenance mechanics and a detailed handbook. The first CIMM exam is scheduled for Oct. 7 in Houston at ISA EXPO 2004. ?

Stockholders of Cima Labs Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn., approved a merger in mid-June between it and Cephalon Inc., which is pending a review by the Federal Trade Commission. ?

Carlsbad, Calif.’s JMAR Technologies Inc. joined forces with San Diego’s the LXT Group to produce a pathogen early-warning system for the drinking water industry.  BioSentry™ provides continuous, real-time surveillance, detection and identification of waterborne microorganisms. ?

Vermont Pure Holding sales for the second quarter (ended April 30) increased 11 percent to $13.1 million over the same period in 2003, compared to a seven percent rise for the prior six months to $25.2 million. The increase was attributed to sales of coffee products while bottled water products were off slightly. ?

Two of the world’s leading experts on hospital waterborne infection, Elias J. Anaissie, MD, and Janet E. Stout, Ph.D, called for increased infection control initiatives in a special symposium sponsored June 8 by filtration industry leader Pall Corp., of East Hills, N.Y., at the annual conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology (APIC) in Phoenix, Ariz. ?

EIP Associates, a Sacramento, Calif.-based consulting firm, has released a survey of California water agencies and districts showing that 58 percent have seen conservation programs can improve water quality by reducing urban water runoff that may contain contaminants. ?

Southern California-based Topway Global Inc., has opened a new Houston, Tex., branch office. TGI manufactures residential and commercial RO, POU filters, water softeners and other POE systems.?

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble’s PuR® water purifier won the International Chamber of Commerce World Business Award in support of the Millennium Development Goals at a June event in Marrakech, Morocco. These are the first global business awards to recognize the role business can play in implementation of the UN’s targets for reducing poverty worldwide by 2015—among those halving the number of people without access to potable water and proper sanitation.?

Waterite Technologies Inc., has opened a new head office and plant facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company designs, manufactures and assembles RO systems in the new 20,000-square-foot facility. ?

USFilter to provide NYC plant upgrade
New York City has installed a Hydro-Clear® rapid sand filter and other equipment from USFilter Zimpro Products, at its Reed Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant. The improvements are part of a long-term, multi-million dollar watershed protection program designed to safeguard the city’s drinking water supply through upgrades to regionally public- and privately owned plants. Plants must now comply with new design, construction and operation standards detailed in the recent Watershed Memorandum of Agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency, the city, state and environmentalists.

Nelsen Corp. opens AZ facility
The Nelsen Corporation has opened a distribution warehouse in Phoenix, Ariz. Carrying more than 4,000 products from Fleck, Structural, Autotrol, Clack, Purolite and other water-related vendors, the facility’s opening marks the 50th anniversary of the firm. The company is headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

LANXESS starts operating independently
LANXESS, the future company where the Bayer Group will combine almost all areas of its chemicals business and parts of its polymers activities, began operating as an independent unit on July 1. While the structure only applies internally at this time, LANXESS is scheduled to be listed on the stock exchange at the beginning of 2005, Bayer reported. Until the stock market flotation, the company will operate under the umbrella of the Bayer AG holding company and will likely be one of the leading chemicals companies in Europe.

Ultrafiltration in Alameda County
Koch Membrane Systems Inc., has been commissioned to start up a 10-million-gallon-per-day ultrafiltration plant for the Alameda County Water District in Fremont, Calif. Designed by Montgomery Watson Harza and constructed by C. Overaa & Co., the plant will be used to treat both clarified and raw water from the South Bay Aqueduct. KMS was awarded the contract after a successful six-month pilot test performed at the Mission San Jose WTP on raw and clarified water from the South Bay Aqueduct. During the pilot pretreatment trials, ferric chloride, powdered activated carbon and various polymers were added to both raw and clarified water. The KMS membranes were selected in part due to their ability to achieve 4-log removal of Crytosporidium, Giardia and viruses, as well as meeting Title 22 regulations on surface water treatment.

L.J. Star acquires Tank Components
Twinsburg, Ohio-based L.J. Star Inc., a provider of industrial process observation equipment, has announced plans to purchase the assets of Tank Components, Inc. TCI, a Missouri-based manufacturer of vessel components for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech processing industries, will continue its practice of offering of vessel components and accessories while not competing in the vessel fabrication market. According to L.J. Star, the company will provide corporate support to allow TCI to increase its operations, broaden its product base and continue deliveries while allowing the parent company to work closer with manufacturing facilities in the process industries.

Demand for activated carbon growing
The world demand for activated carbon is forecast to expand 5.3 percent annually to over one million metric tons in 2007, according to a report titled World Activated Carbon released in July by the Freedonia Group, a consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. With a projected value of $1.2 billion, the expected growth will be fastest in mature markets like the United States and Western Europe. Emerging industrial markets in Asia and smaller markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa are poised for growth as well as increasing industrial output and a greater emphasis on environmental issues in developing countries will drive these gains.

Filter netting plant certified
Det Norske Veritas Certification Inc. announced in mid-June that the Austin, Texas, manufacturing facility of Delstar Technologies Inc. had met requirements for ISO 9001:2000 certification, underscoring its commitment to quality in design, manufacture and distribution of Naltex® netting products produced there. Middletown, Del.-based Delstar is a custom manufacturer of components used in filtration, automotive, healthcare, industrial, food, electronics and textile markets. Products include apertured films, meltblown nonwovens, laminate composites and extruded cores, tubes and machined parts. Other facilities are located in Richland, Pa., El Cajon, Calif., Bristol, England, and Shanghai, China.

Web-based firm expands
Prescott, Ariz.-based e-FoodSafety. com Inc. has purchased ozone equipment and tools from NET Systems Inc., of Bainbridge Island, Wash., for $1.5 million. This will enable to reach full-scale production capacity at its new California facility that uses ozone-treated water to remove viruses and bacteria from fruits and vegetables to extend their freshness and shelf-life for grocery store chains and restaurants. acquired Knock-Out Technologies Ltd. in May and is a licensed distributor of the Tru-Pure Ozone Technologies product line.

Systems get final check-up
Pure H20 Bio-Technologies Inc., of Boca Raton, Fla., has completed its new all-stainless steel medical and residential system. Model 7000, designed to assist hospitals worldwide in the treatment of patients with weakened immunity, patients undergoing chemotherapy, organ transplant recipients, HIV patients and others with compromised immune systems. The system is equipped with a turbine flow meter with LED status indicator for easier operating control as well as safety features. 


The Eclox receives Queen’s Award
The Eclox Water Test Kit has been given the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition for the portable unit’s contribution to military and humanitarian operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Originally developed for the British Ministry of Defense, the kits, which test for chemical contamination of water in about four minutes, have been used by military organizations around the world, and are now being adapted by water utilities as a safeguard against terrorism. Eclox was presented with the honor by the Duke of York at a ceremony on June 28 at Severn Trent Services in Didcot, England. The ceremony included a demonstration of the kits by STS Director of Instrumentation Rhys Lewis (pictured left).

Megola inks Asian deal
Megola Inc., of Corunna, Ontario, a leading Canadian solution provider in physical water treatment, microbiological control, wastewater treatment and air purification, has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Dalian Bingshan H2O3 Environmental Solutions Co. Ltd., a member of the Bingshan Group, to distribute Megola’s ScaleGuard product line throughout Asia. The agreement also calls for H2O3’s ozone machines to be distributed by Megola in conjunction with ScaleGuard products in North America.

Windsor selects Trojan UV for wastewater treatment
Windsor, in Ontario, Canada, has selected Trojan Technologies Inc., to supply ultraviolet wastewater treatment equipment for the upgrade and expansion of the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant on the city’s west side. Windsor is replacing chlorination with UV disinfection because it considers the use of chlorine to be a community liability and concerns over the plant being the largest primary treatment plant discharging directly into the Great Lakes basin. A second Windsor facility, the Little River Pollution Control Plant, has been using UV since 1989. The current project is valued at between (US)$2.4 and $3.3 million.

POU coolers spread across Europe
According to Zenith International, POU water coolers have quadrupled in popularity in the western European market over the past four years, with the number of units installed jumping 35 percent in 2003. The United Kingdom remains the largest national market in the region, accounting for 41 percent of all POU units, with Zenith tracking more than 60 companies operating in Britain. Strong demand for POU coolers has been bolstered by economic stability in the region and was fueled by a hot summer in 2003 combined with intensified sales and marketing activity, according to the firm.


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