State of the Industry Report

Dear Editor:
I own Accountable MARKeting, a marketing communications company dedicated to helping small businesses develop and implement an affordable and effective marketing plan. I am working with a new (small) water purification company in the Columbia, Mo., area.
In one of your articles a “state of the industry” report was mentioned. How might I get that report? I am especially interested in any info that will help me help my client identify and quantify the marketplace, develop the marketing message, determine media channels, etc.
I am reading past issues of your online magazine and find it very helpful. Also, is there an industry website other than yours? I really appreciate any help and direction you can give me. Thank you.

Mark Dahl
Accountable MARKeting
Columbia, Mo.

Editor’s reply: The State of the Industry Report was not so much a written report as a presentation by several committee members and staff of the Water Quality Association (WQA), which is the association for the point-of-use/point-of-entry water treatment industry. Formed in 1974 by the merging of a dealer association (WCAI) and a manufacturer association (WCF), the WQA was expanded in the early ’90s to include the World Assembly Division and in 1997 to include a Commercial/Industrial Section and Retail Consumer Products Section. More recently, the WQA restructured to streamline its committee format, at which point the State of the Industry Report was established to create one convention meeting where members could get an overview of all the major issues being discussed by various committees, subcommittees and task forces, etc. You can contact the WQA for a copy of an audio-recording of the session or CD-ROM of the proceedings at the Baltimore convention in March at (630) 505-0160. Its website,, also is a valuable source of information for consumers and industry professionals alike.


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