The ‘unidentified’ man
Dear Editor:
The unknown man in the “Flashback” photo in the June issue (see “Check Out that Hair!” WC&P, p. 98) is Dr. Ron Rogowski of Culligan International. He was responsible for product research and development (R&D) for Culligan. Dr. Rogowski left Culligan in the early ’80s to continue his career at Quaker Oats. He has since retired. His last position at Quaker was global vice president of R&D. We question the date of this photo, as we believe it was taken in 1978 not 1988, as Dr. Rogowski was with Culligan at the time of the photo and left our employ in the early ’80s.

Frank A. Brigano, Ph.D.
Group Vice President, R&D
Culligan International Company
Northbrook, Ill.

Editor’s note: Thank you for that information. I cannot verify if 1978 was the year the photo was shot but, if so, the venue would have been Houston, Texas, which hosted the WQA convention that year—not Denver. While we do try to verify all identifications, we sometimes have to rely on incomplete information as our photo archives are a bit rustic. But we hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. 

Old activated carbon model
Dear Editor:
We were very surprised to see the old “tree root” model for activated carbon (AC) used in a WC&P article in the June 2004 issue (see “Drinking Water Treatment: Activated Carbon Filtration,” p. 31). This model has been out of favor for over 20 years. This root schematic does not agree with laboratory data. A “modern” activated carbon model has long been advanced by Dr. Mick Greenbank at Calgon Carbon Corp.

Otherwise, the authors of your June “Spotlight” article on activated carbon filtration did a splendid job of informing your readers about AC. We do ask that the authors research the models used for AC and strongly consider the “modern” model.

Henry Nowicki, Ph.D.
Professional Analytical and Consulting
Services (PACS) Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa.


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