By Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor

Catchall—Buyer’s Guide tips, career center, missing faces and WQA kudos
I’d like to start off this month’s column with our 2004-05 WC&P Buyer’s Guide, which you should have just received. For the last couple of years, we’ve been streamlining it to make it easier to find information you need on water treatment equipment and services you’re seeking. Still, some of you have been helping us unnecessarily.

While proofing the final version of the Buyer’s Guide, I jotted down a list of companies missing because they failed to fill out a questionnaire and send it back on time. Just my short list, which was by no means exhaustive, would have added nearly 75 additional entries. I should point out, in addition to mailing, faxing and emailing it out to over 1,500 companies, we made the questionnaire available on our website for three months.

We would point out that not only should parent companies include a listing for themselves, but for related companies and divisions as well. After all, the basic listing is free. And a number of companies that did submit entries failed to check off product categories for their equipment or services. These product categories are often the first place someone thumbing through the guide looks to when seeking companies for planned purchases. While we understand there are a lot of surveys to fill out in this day and age, taking time with the Buyer’s Guide questionnaire can help prospective customers find you—and that helps your bottom line. It also helps us make it the most comprehensive serving the POU/POE industry.*

Next, we’ve added another tool for water industry professionals, a forum for job seekers and employers alike, that you can find at our website— (see the button for WCP Jobs Central). Whether looking for quality employees or to advance your career, you can post or search jobs and résumés with ease.

On another note, among the faces we noticed missing at this year’s WQA convention in Baltimore (see review in this issue) was Jorge Fernandez, Pentair Water’s senior vice president for emerging markets who chaired the WQA Manufacturers Section. We spoke with him afterward and found out he retired and was looking forward to some time off after all the travel he’d been doing to China and India. He plans to visit relatives in Argentina, enjoy his boat and work as a consultant.

Fernandez thought the news regarding an alliance between WQA and Aquatech RAI to expand the trade show next year was an excellent idea: “The industry needs that. It will create a lot of opportunities as will the consolidation in the industry you mentioned, which will create new opportunities for entrepreneurs… If things turn out well, I believe you’ll see me again soon. I hope to still have a chance to stir the waters, so to speak.”

Lastly, don’t forget to check our website for additional information on the WQA-RAI alliance as well as WQA winning liaison status within the European Union’s standards process (see Web Exclusive)—a position not held by the AWWA, WEF, IBWA, NGWA,… and that also gives it added attraction for prospective commercial/industrial water treatment members. On this coup, past Aqua Europa chairman Tony Frost, of the UK’s Aqua Focus Ltd., said:

“WQA’s achievement of liaison with CEN/TC164 is significant because it will enable WQA members to gain more direct access to the standards for products and materials suitability evolving within Europe. It’s obviously important, when a major portion of the products used in Europe originate from the USA, that the manufacturers are aware of, and hopefully able to contribute to, these developing requirements (albeit, many product standards are already in their final stages). Otherwise, the consequence could be sudden failure to comply with new requirements, without warning or time to adapt products accordingly. The achievement of liaison with TC164 is also significant in underlining the increased emphasis WQA has placed on addressing its ‘global’ identification. And it’s a tribute to Andy Warnes’ persistence and determination against difficult odds.”

* A supplement to the Buyer’s Guide runs in the July issue, so if your company wasn’t in it, contact us : [email protected]. These are also incorporated in the guide’s web version at


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