Revisiting old themes
Dear Editor:
I am an avid reader of WC&P magazine. I am a newcomer to this field. I have some suggestions to make, which are as follows:  

  1. Please include articles on cooling tower water treatment, boiler water treatment including softener treatment, sand filter treatment, carbon filter treatment, whole process of RO water treatment, deionization, wastewater treatment, etc.
  2. On the above mentioned topics, please include articles with complete conceptual process designs.

I work for a U.S.-based multinational company in its Pakistan affiliate. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Dr. Athar Jabbar Qureshi
Karchi, Pakistan

Editor’s response: We’ve had some wonderful articles on these topics in the past that remain very popular at our website:

  • “Softeners: Going Against the Flow—Co-Current v. Counter-Current Regeneration,” Jim Hunt and John Beauchamp, March 1999
  • “Electrodeionization: Making DI Water without Bottles,” Jan d’Ailly and David F. Tessier, Ph.D., March 2001
  • “Boiler Feed Water: Reducing Scale & Corrosion, Part 1 of 2,” C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI, March 2001, www. ID=768
  • “Boiler Feed Water: Reducing Scale & Corrosion, Part 2 of 2,” C.F. (Chubb) Michaud, CWS-VI, April 2001, www. ID=830
  • “Filtration Media: Making the Right Choice—A Reference Guide for Dealers,” James A. Hunt, May 2001, www.wcponline. com/NewsView.cfm?pkArticleID=1395
  • “DI Basics: Understanding Deionization,” James A. Hunt, March 2002,
  • “Wastewater: Nanofiltration in DI Rinse Recycle—A Case Study,” James A. Hunt, February 2003, News View.cfm?pkArticleID=1982

Many of the readers’ favorite articles in WC&P are written by current or past members of our Technical Review Committee. Peter Cartwright and Larry Henke have been prolific on RO, membrane separation, filtration, UV and ozone applications. Meyers also did a nice series on “Water Softening: The Fundamentals Theory,” in November and December 2000 and Michaud did a popular series on the “Basics of Chemistry,” which ran in the April, May and June 1999 issues. The last series was translated into Spanish and Portuguese, and also ran in the March/April, May/June and July/August 2003 issues of Agua Latinoamérica (PDFs are available at

You can find other relevant articles by entering in the last name of any author above or using a key word or phrase to search our online database. If not immediately available online, you can request a copy be faxed to you. You can also hit the “Archive” button at the top of the page to view or request articles year-by-year and issue-by-issue. While slower, you’ll see some of the wonderful cover images we’ve used over the years.

Regardless, thanks for your letter. It reminds us that it’s good to revisit these topics every few years to update readers on the latest advancements or achievements in that particular application. We appreciate your advice.

Correction: In the March issue, we mistakenly reported in an author’s bio the locations of laboratories of National Testing Labs. They’re in Cleveland, Michigan, Florida and Virginia. We apologize for any confusion.


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