Whether traveling to a developing country or simply visiting a favorite back-country hangout, the Guardian Purifier System from Cascade Designs, of Seattle, makes short work of even the most contaminated water. The system removes silt, bacteria, protozoa and bad tastes. It also inactivates viruses with only five drops of virus-reducing fluid. Working quickly in all water conditions, the purifier includes a two-liter bottle for treatment.

Modular systems
Sionix Corp., of Irvine, Calif., completed its first production unit of modular transportable water treatment systems. The transportable units are highly mobile via truck, rail, cargo, helicopter, or ship and are secure from outside threat or bioterrorism contamination. The unit is free standing and may be transported to any area suffering catastrophic damage to its water system. The system can be operational within 48 hours. A system can produce a minimum of 200 gallons per minute of fresh potable water.

Component catalog
Bee Valve Inc., of Elyria, Ohio, makes available its newly published full-color catalog featuring a complete line of fluid handling components. The catalog includes polypropylene ball valves and strainers; hose couplers, adapters and fittings; tube fittings, and tank fittings. New products featured in the catalog include a 4-inch ball valve; multi-port ball valves; 3-inch quick-clean, high-capacity Y-strainer, 3-inch couplers/adapters as well as other fittings, adapters, caps and plugs.

Waterproof meters
Good Water Warehouse, of Fullerton, Calif., introduces the OAKTON Instruments pH/Con 300 microprocessor-based waterproof conductivity pH and temperature meters. Probes fit into flow cells for groundwater analysis. These are perfect for raw water and RO product water analysis. These meters feature all-push button operation, hold (freezes readings), automatic temperature compensation, automatic shut-off to conserve batteries, self-diagnostic error messages, auto ranging, and push-button calibration.

Cyanide test
The SenSafe™ cyanide test strip from Industrial Test Systems Inc., of Rock Hill, S.C., is the first test strip solution that doesn’t require any chemical mixing for detecting free cyanide levels in water. Detecting levels of 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 ppm in 90 seconds (0.1 resolution with use of optional scan measurement unit), this patented test strip offers a much needed solution to the entire dip-and-read procedure, and requires no chemical mixing.

Software product
Laramie, Wyo.-based In-Situ Inc. announces the release of a new software enhancement, Flow-Sense™ Wizard, for the Multi-Parameter Troll 9000 water quality probe. The new software is an integral part of the low-flow water quality monitoring system manufactured by the company. It’s included as a new feature in the most current version of the Win-Situ 4.0 software. Every Troll instrument shipped by the company includes the software and can be updated via the Internet.

RO redesign
An Australian technology company—Barrier Technologies Pty. Ltd., of Queensland—has created a breakthrough by redesigning the way a traditional reverse osmosis purification system works. The company considered the design of the current plastic filter housings and rubber bladder, diaphragm accumulator, storage tanks to be inefficient, inflexible and dangerous to health if not serviced due to slime mold and polymer degradation problems associated with plastic.

A line of liners
The new molded PTFE/silicone or silicone-only liners from BioTech Solutions, of Mount Laurel, N.J., are designed for use in many of the round or square 96-well standard microplates. The liners have 96 round or square plugs that lock into each of the cylindrical or tapered wells. The tight seal eliminates sample cross contamination and reduces the chance of sample evaporation. The liners reseal after multiple injections, thus preventing coring and tearing.

Bottling machine
Signal Hill, Calif.-based Aquatyzer Engineering Inc. introduces its new AQT “Ultimate” series bottling machine, which washes, fills and caps over 750, five-gallon bottles of purified water an hour. The company helped Drinkmore Water Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md., grow during 2001 and 2002 in spite of a slow economy and catapulted the latter into Inc. magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest growing small companies in the nation.

Gear motor
Blue-White Industries, of Huntington Beach, Calif., introduced the new M-32 gear motor for use on the company’s Flexflo® A-100N peristaltic-type, and Chem-Feed® C-1100 series diaphragm-type metering injectors. This new larger, all ball-bearing gear motor features top-notch design and materials, permanent lubrication, and it generates 30 percent less heat and 30 percent more torque than the company’s smaller gear motors. This gear motor is particularly well suited for use on higher RPM injectors.

Automatic systems
Lincoln, Neb.-based Norland Int’l. Inc. introduces its new TritonLine™ series of automatic bottle loading, washing, filling and capping systems. The line is designed specifically to process
3- to 5-gallon (11.4-18.9 liters) bottles of virtually any style without hand-sorting or equipment-setting adjustments. Models feature stainless steel piping for longevity, durability and minimized maintenance. The multi-function programmable logic controller provides immediate digital readout of system functions at a glance.

Launching pigs
A novel filtration system is now available for pipeline operators who are faced with the need to improve pipeline integrity. The concept, introduced by Houston-based Filtration Technology Corp., utilizes existing pig launchers or receivers as a filter housing for cartridge filters sized to fit the launcher and any adjacent pipe. The technique totally eliminates the need for expensive, high pressure, special purpose, external filtration units that are commonly used for pipeline filtration.

Berry good label
Seal-It Inc., of Farmingdale, N.Y., has printed a dazzling new label for the introduction of Blackberry, the fourth new flavor for the Reebok fitness water beverage line-up. Clearly Canadian has chosen Seal-It shrink sleeve film for the beverage line to better differentiate the flavors and build on the brand. Made of heat shrink PVC, the labels for Berry, Citrus, Natural and Blackberry are printed in seven vibrant colors including a silver metallic that makes the labels glisten.

Chill the water bill
Bright Waters, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, introduces the Chiller. It provides chilled water on demand by just turning on the faucet. It saves on the water bill because there’s no need to run the faucet for long periods to obtain cold water. It also has efficient operation with only 60 watts of power consumed. There’s no need to refrigerate water to obtain cold water on demand. It contains an easy connect installation and uses 3/8″ John Guest speed fit

Commercial test kit
EnviroLogix Inc., of Portland, Maine, announces the first commercial ELISA test kit for rapid and affordable detection of toxins produced by so-called “toxic molds.” These toxins, also known as mycotoxins, are produced by molds such as Stachybotrys. Until now, these toxins have required analysis by sophisticated instrumental analysis such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Unfortunately, HPLC analyses typically require several days to complete and often cost hundreds of dollars per test.

Butterfly valves
Danfoss-Flomatic, of Glen Falls, N.Y., introduces new butterfly valves that are designed for water supply, HVAC and general industries. The new Sylax series butterfly valves are offered in sizes 2”-12” and are available in a wafer model or full lug-type model. These valves are built with high quality materials and are epoxy coated both internally and externally. They also feature extended service life with a range of seat options, and can be fitted with actuators on a standard ISO top flange for direct mounting of the actuator.

Building the program
CUNO Inc., of Meriden, Conn., has developed a new Aqua-Pure builder program. This program incorporates a full package of literature, promotional materials, and a new AP-DWS250 drinking water system developed specifically for the new home construction market. The system is upgradeable and homeowners can tailor to their needs by simply installing any one of five replacement cartridges. Builders looking for more information on this program should contact their local sales representative.

Turnkey system
A new turnkey water treatment system from Intraspec Inc., of Closter, N.J., brings unmatched economy and simplicity to commercial and industrial water treatment processes. Encased in a single durable ABS housing, it uniquely tackles the numerous critical water treatment processes engaged by hospitality maintenance people. It’s a one-size-fits-all system that enables boilers, cooling towers, swimming pools and spas, food services, and potable systems to operate more efficiently, more reliably, and at a far lower cost.

Arsenic removal
Iselin, N.J.-based Engelhard Corp. has developed technology to enable smaller municipalities to more efficiently and cost-effectively meet tough new standards for the removal of arsenic from drinking water. The USEPA has adopted new standards that lower the maximum contaminant level for arsenic in any U.S. drinking water system to 10 parts per billion (ppb), down from the current 50 ppb, starting in January 2006. According to the USEPA, 97 percent of the affected water systems are small, serving fewer than 10,000 people each.

Filter housings
Industrial quality filter housings, made to ASME design standards with optional “U” stamp, are available from Dunnellon, Fla.-based Flowmatic Systems Inc. They come in carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel. Standard models are rated for flow rates to 3,000 gpm, accept standard DOE cartridges or elements with 222 end-caps, and don’t need special adapters. Options include pleated, high purity, wound, melt blown, activated carbon, oil adsorbent, high temp, and phoenolic impregnated cellulose for non-aqueous applications.

Clamp-on flow meter
Dynasonics, of Racine, Wis., presents its Series TFXL Ultrasonic Transit Time Clamp-on flow meter that uses time-of-flight ultrasonic technology to measure almost any liquid containing less than 40 percent TDS or aeration. The non-invasive unit provides easy and low-cost installation by clamping on the outside of existing carbon steel and copper pipes ranging in size from ½” to 2″. It’s designed to replace mechanical flow meters where liquid conditions tend to damage or impede mechanical flow meter operation.

Packaging products
Nalgene Nunc Intl., of Rochester, N.Y., released new literature and a website with more than 100 sterile, leakproof, biologically tested NALGENE® packaging products including PETG/PET Media bottles, B3 Media Bags™, HDPE Narrow-Mouth Bottles, PETG Serum Vials, and Micro Packaging Vials. Designed and manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified environment, the line is a comprehensive offering for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cell culture and diagnostic reagent packaging applications.

New UV system
Designed to solve the risky problems with conventional UV systems, Toronto, Canada-based UV Pure Technologies has unveiled the Hallett™ System that’s designed with patented Crossfire™ technology. The systems, recognized as superior to conventional UV systems, are available for residential, commercial and community water applications up to 5,000 households. UV systems have been used for years to purify drinking water; however, with conventional systems, safety isn’t completely assured as the system may be on but not working, placing health at risk.

Product catalog
Watts Regulator Co., of North Andover, Mass., announces the availability of its updated condensed catalog, C-WR 2003. It has been completely redesigned to make product selection a snap. New product additions include the new SilverEagle line of stainless steel backflow prevention asemblies, new gate, globe and check valves series, new line of temperature and pressure gauges, new line water filtration products and new PEX end connection product models.

Medium-pressure UV
Preliminary research announced by BersonUV-techniek, of Netherlands, may have consequences for operators of low-pressure UV disinfection systems. If, following exposure to low-pressure UV lamps, microorganisms are capable of recovering, operators need to seriously consider upgrading to medium-pressure technology. By providing permanent microbial deactivation, medium-pressure UV offers peace of mind. Applications affected by these findings include municipal drinking water, bottled water, wastewater, among others.

Membrane elements
In response to demand for a less cumbersome and costly way to treat seawater for production of drinking water and industrial process water, GE Osmonics, of Minnetonka, Minn., has engineered the new Seasoft™ membrane elements. Utilizing nanofiltration elements as a pre-treatment step reduces the hardness of seawater by more than 95 percent. This hardness reduction enables reverse osmosis plants to operate at lower pressures and higher recoveries.

Analysis catalog
Loveland, Colo.-based Hach Co.’s new 482-page catalog is filled with new products including GLI’s on-line electrochemical instrumentation. Also included are the new OptiQuant SVI™ sludge volume analyzer and the Auto CAT™ 9000 automatic chlorine titrator. The new catalog has easy to use “quick reference guides” throughout the book to make finding a solution that much easier. New process flow diagrams make it possible to understand the processes.

Shut-off valve
John Guest, of Pine Brook, N.J., announces its new 1/2” shut-off valves. These valves feature the same simplicity as their fittings for providing a fast and secure method of connecting plastic and soft metal tubing. Specifically designed for use with potable liquids, compressed air, CO2 lines in beverage dispensing and pneumatic applications, the valves afford the most reliable and cost-effective solution to tubing connections. The line of PISV valves is also available in
3/8” O.D. size with long or short handles.


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