Congratulations, it’s a healthy baby!

Congratulations go to our publisher Kurt Peterson and his wife, On Tap columnist Dr. Kelly Reynolds, who gave birth to a baby boy on Mother’s Day, May 11. It is their third child, preceded by Emma and Isabella. His name—Jared K. Peterson. He came in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

Seems as if there are a lot of children being born to POU/POE water treatment industry members. Is it the water? WQA international director Andrew Warnes’ wife, Edna, gave birth to a baby girl—their second—on April 28. Her name is Beatriz. I can also name up to 10 others who’ve had children in the past couple of years including my wife, Abby, and myself, as our son, Gabriel, turned 1 in late April. He has been in preschool since he was three months old. As many of you know, this means more than your usual frequency of colds, coughs, occasional fevers, and… well, other indelicacies regarding the digestive tract. Mind you, how often you’re required to stay home with your child because of these can get frustrating for you and your child, who would prefer to be healthy and playing with other kids.

I’ve also appreciated very much learning from Kelly’s columns about the various waterborne virus and pathogens that affect the health of children, whose immune systems are still developing, and how to avoid them. During a recent spate of birthday parties in our neighborhood, there was a particularly nasty bug being passed around (probably rotavirus) causing retching in adults and kids alike. I seem to be the only one who avoided contracting it. Someone asked me how and the only response I could think of was: “I washed my hands a lot.” Just then, one of Kelly’s articles popped into my head—”Handwashing: A Simple and Effective Barrier to Disease Transmission” (December 1999). It’s a good read. Another good one is “Children at Increased Risk of Waterborne Contamination” (February 2002), which is available on our website at:

A few other related online sources include:

These offer good information if you’re a working parent or not. So, for all of those with young children out there, your summer reading list is set. Read up!

Meanwhile, the Water Quality Association and Pacific WQA were hoping to claim an early victory in late May on California Assembly Bill 334 (see, which we informed you of in last month’s Viewpoint. Seems lobbying by the two and other allies “may have weakened chances for the bill’s passage by showing Assembly members that AB 334 effectively disembowels the heart of the current law, SB 1006: to protect Californians against arbitrary softener bans,” according to the WQA. Bear in mind, AB 334’s passage means self-regenerating water softeners could be outlawed there virtually without restriction. Stay up to date by checking “Breaking News” at for the latest reports.

Carlos David Mogollón
WC&P Executive Editor


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