Under the bamboo tree

Question: We are sourcing for bamboo activated carbon in China. We’re a U.S. company and manufacture water dispensers in a China factory in nearby Guangzshou. We’re currently sourcing for pelletized bamboo activated carbon for the Chinese factory.

We’re seeking to contact Mr. Walsh at the company that you featured on your website which is located in Oceanside, Calif. Do you have their contact information?

We would like him to contact us or have his China contact call us so that our Hong Kong office may obtain samples and pricing ASAP.

Anthiony O’Rourke
Macke International Trade, Inc.
Malibu, Calif.

Answer: We assume you’re referring to Kimberly Walsh, vice president of Carbon Resources LLC, for which an item appeared on our website July 8 regarding the opening in mid-May of a new bamboo activated carbon plant in China and signing of an exclusive agreement for marketing the product in North America. You can find a profile of Carbon Resources LLC at: http://www. petropages.com/vendors/v17000.htm

Meanwhile, the company’s contact info is as follows:
19671 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Tel: 714-960-4072
Fax: 714-960-9352
Email: kim@carbonresources.com
Web: www.carbonresources.com

Hope that helps.


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