Desalination for world’s remote areas

Question: I’m a medical doctor who works with the Indonesian government in a remote area of South East Sulawesi. We have a lot of problems about health, especially related to a lack of good water.
A few days ago, I got some information (from a newspaper) about reverse osmosis, but it’s not really clear to me. And, after I read the article, I directly called the person, who is in Jakarta, to confirm it. He says RO can make the salt water become normal water. That’s incredible and a surprise to me—because, here, there are so many islands and the people have great difficulty finding normal water. They have to come to Buton, the name of the island where I am now, to look for good water to drink. With a small boat, that can be a six- to eight-hour journey.

So, that is the reason why I write this letter to you. I need some information (hopefully, in detail) about the RO system before I decide to buy it. Great thanks for your attention and help.

Dr. Wawan Rahim
Buton, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia

Answer: We would like to recommend that you visit the following website, the Encyclopedia of Desalination and Water Resources (DESWARE), for more information: This site, by Eolss Publishers Co. Ltd., of Oxford, England, has a lot of information about desalination to make drinking water and discusses a number of technologies available for this.  Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing the site.  If you want to find companies that make this type of equipment, you also can visit the “Buyer’s Guide” or “Product Trade Show” at the WC&P website (scroll mouse over words at top of homepage and click): You’ll also find a number of items from Breaking News to Spotlight articles by entering “desalination” or “reverse osmosis” in the Search box in the left column of any page.


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