Ozone shock & biofilm control

Dear Editor:
Aloha, I’m quality control manager/microbiologist for a small natural spring water bottler. I’m having a problem with bacteria regrowth on HPC plates several days after bottling. I recall reading an article on ozone shock and would like to read more on it to see if that is what is happening here. I started my search at www.wcponline.com, but I cannot find the article. I’m not sure if it was in WC&P or one of the other trade journals I get here. I guessed at WC&P because I do read it most. Any information on ozone shock?

Bob Betts
Hawaiian Natural Water
Pearl City, Hawaii

Editor’s response: We do feature an article on ozone and biofilm reduction in our current issue by Ronald Barnes and Kevin Caskey (see “ Using Ozone in the Prevention of Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Scaling,” WC&P, October 2002, p. 70), but I’m not familiar with the exact article we may have published in the past to which you refer. Scouring our archives, here’s a list that may fit the bill.

APRIL 2002
“In the Aquarium with Ozone: A Matter of Living Clarity?” by John M. Overby
• “Measurement of Dissolved Ozone and the Development of a New Meter,” by Lawrence B. Kilham
• “Ozone in Spring Water: A Bottler’s Choice,” by Dale Mork
• “A Brief History of the Role of Ozone in Water Bottling,” by L. Joseph Bollyky, Ph.D., P.E.
• “Ozone as the Cure: Instrumentation & Reduction of Bromate Formation in Bottled Water,” by Rick Hess
• “Viewpoint: Perrier Restricts Ozone Use Awaiting Better Control Options,” by Carlos David Mogollón, WC&P Executive Editor
• “Ozone Generation Technology: Past, Present & Future,” by Dale Mork
MARCH 2001
• “Ozone: Water Stores Take Advantage of an Alternative Disinfectant,” by Roger Nathanson
• “Ozone & Government Regulations: An Update,” by Paul K. Overbeck
• “Ozone: Treatment Applications for POU/PE and Small Water Systems,” by Thomas P. Palkon, CWS-VI
• “Expect ANSI/NSF Ozone Generator Standard in 2002,” by Carlos David Mogollon, WC&P Executive Editor
• “In-Transit Ozone Water Treatment Systems: Necessity is the Mother of Invention,” by G. Scott Fahey, P.E.
• “Catalytic Destruction of Ozone: A Cost-Effective Approach to Controlling Off-Gas Emissions,” by Joseph Sigmund

You can search further on your own as far back as 1998. In addition, I might recommend you contact the International Ozone Association for more information on the topic. Rip Rice, the IOA founder, and Paul Overbeck, a member of the technical committee, have both written for us in the past; and Overbeck was a member of the WC&P Technical Review Committee (1998-2000). Hope that helps.


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