Editor’s note: The following appeared in the June 5th edition of The Wall Street Journal. It’s re-printed here with the permission of the author.

Cool, clear water

I was disappointed to see you portray the bottled water industry as inappropriately recommending the widely regarded guidance to drink eight, 8-ounce servings of water each day (“Health Experts Question Role of Eight Glasses of Water a Day,” May 23). We did not invent that guidance, which pre-dates the rise of bottled water products, nor do bottled water companies wrongfully promote the “eight-by-eight” recommendation.
The eight by eight has been supported by the American Diabetic Association, the National Academy of Sciences and many others; and the guidance doesn’t relate solely to bottled water. When the bottled water industry does communicate about the benefits of eight, 8-ounce daily servings, we are talking about all sources of water, whether it’s from the tap, a bottle or through a filter. The industry will, of course, continue to share with consumers information about the attributes of bottled water and the reasons it is a good choice of water for drinking.
Does our industry benefit when consumers choose to drink water? Certainly. Our industry is built on the premise of providing a good-tasting, safe, high-quality and convenient beverage to a consumer public that demands water.

Stephen R. Kay
Vice President, Communications
International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)
Alexandria, Va.

Dealer seeks software solution

Dear Editor:
I was wondering if you could help us. I was reading this month’s issue of your magazine (WC&P, May 2002) and I was surprised to come across a question in your “Ask the Expert” section from a Sharon Kuehl of Marshall, Minn., from Minnesota Southwest State University. We are a water treatment company from Ontario, Canada, and we have also been trying to locate a database software program suitable to our industry that could track our customers, remind us when their units need to be serviced, would have the capability to store directions to customers homes, etc., which seems to be the question that Sharon also was looking for an answer to. I checked all the leads that you had given Sharon and most of the software these businesses deal with are computer software to monitor products—not the software available to the contractors themselves to help them run their offices more efficiently. I was wondering if you had an email address for Sharon Kuehl because I would be very interested to find out if she was able to find any software programs to suit her needs. I hope you can help us with this problem as we are becoming very frustrated.

I appreciate any help you can give us.

Sandra Marchant
Valley Plumbing & Water Treatment
Perth, ONT, Canada

Sure. Let us know if she discovered something that was a better fit for you. I’m sure the rest of our readers would like to be aware of it, if so. Thanks for your continued interest in WC&P magazine. We’ll also publish this as a letter and see if it sparks any suggestions from the readers. Anyone with a system that meets the challenge of an individual dealership should feel free to email or write us at info@wcponline.com or WC&P, 2800 E. Fort Lowell Road, Tucson, AZ 85716-1518 USA.—The Editors


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