Africa, Americas lose advocates for clean water

Dear Editor:
Today, May 23, is my last day with Water For People. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to pursue a career with GE Capital. Having spent nearly all of the past 12 years working in the non-profit sector, it will certainly be a change of pace; however, the opportunity was more than I could pass up. I greatly value my time spent with Water For People and have been fortunate to have crossed paths with many wonderful, bright, intelligent and giving people along the way. Thank you for your support of Water For People. Until my position is filled, you may direct any questions to Paul Sobiech at psobiech@waterfor If your question is regarding the Silent Auction, please direct it to Jody Camp at [email protected], or you may call WFP at (303) 734-3495. Cheers!

Amy Douglas, Fund Raising Manager
Water For People

Sorry to hear about your departure from WFP, but congratulations on winning your new opportunity. It’s been a joy working with you, editorially and personally. Be sure to check this issue for an article from your friend, Karen Zack at Kinetico. It’s a World Spotlight feature on her trip to Central America and a firsthand look at some of the good work you’ve been promoting in Honduras, etc. Let Paul know we’ll be happy to continue touting WFP’s efforts both in Latin America and Africa. The exposure is good for WFP as well as our readers. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Keep in touch.

Carlos David Mogollon
Executive Editor & Editorial Director
Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine/Agua Latinoamérica

Corrections: Table 2 in an article by Frank Bove (“TTHMs, TCE & PCE: Drinking Water Contaminants & Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes,” WC&P, pp. 42-47, May 2002) had a couple errors in column headings. Column 7 should have read “Cardiac defects,” column 8 should have read “Fetal deaths,” and the last column should have read “Spontaneous abortions.”

The number of employees for Erie Water Treatment Controls was incorrectly reported in the May issue (“Executive Q&A: Keeping an Eye on Erie Controls’ Kopacz,” WC&P, p. 78). The company employs 30 people—19 in the United States, 11 in Belgium. This was corrected for the online version of the column.


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