A material question

Dear Editor:
    I am a postgraduate student from the University Science Malaysia. I read the article, “Spiral-Wound Elements for Potable Water Treatment,” by David Paulson & Gary Davis, in WC&P’s August 2001 issue. Currently, I am doing some research regarding spiral wound membranes and wish to get some mesh spacer for both my feed and permeate channel (net-type and corrugated type). Could you kindly tell me where I can get this material? Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Boon Seng Ooi

Author response: One of the chief suppliers of the net material is the Nalle Corp located in Texas, USA. If you want a small piece of the standard size (either 0.028 or 0.034 inches thickness), we can send it to you in exchange for a copy of whatever report you write on your studies. The corrugated spacer is proprietary to Osmonics, and is only available from us. A small size piece can also be supplied for research purposes. Just let us know how big the pieces need to be.

David Paulson,
Technical Services Director
Osmonics, Minnetonka, Minn.

Correction: In the WC&P March 2002 issue (World Spotlight, “Supplying Croatia with Drinking Water …,” p. 72), we incorrectly credited the two photos. The photographer is Samantha Zubak.


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