Multilingual tools for water treatment in Latin America

Dear Editor:
Can you help me?
My company, Intexma Inc., is an OEM [original equipment manufacturer], designing and manufacturing the Watersource™ brand reverse osmosis systems for over 10 years and providing technical service and support to RO owners/operators of these systems regardless of brand or vendor. All of our business activities are in the Caribbean and Latin America.

I am putting [together] a teaching seminar for my own people and for certain engineers and plant operators to include [topics on] softeners, ion exchange and filters. I am looking for teaching material that I can use starting with the very basics of the explanation of the softening and filtering process, components used, sizing, etc. Do you have or can you refer me to somebody that has material that I can translate and use for this purpose?

I am also looking for computer software that can automatically tell you the sizing and specs needed to select softeners and filters after inputting the required information (something somewhat similar to the software we get from the major membrane manufactures for membrane projections).
Thanks for your help.

Roberto Torricella, President
Coral Gables, FL

Editor’s response: We have a variety of technical articles on our website that may prove useful and for which you can request permission to use in your seminars, including articles about software for carbon filtration systems by Dr. Henry Nowicki, a member of the WC&P Technical Review Committee. Visit the “Archive” at to browse previous months’ tables of contents as far back as 1998. I can also forward you annual story lists as a single document by year, which can be done via a “search/find” function for particular words or phrases. We would require that credit be given to WC&P as the publisher of the articles. Simply email or fax us your requests for those you’d like to review.

As for RO, I might recommend that you get a copy of the Water Quality Association manual, “A Practical Application Manual for Residential, Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis Systems,” which was written by former CUNO/Water Factory Systems founder Robert Slovak. It’s a guide for installers, technicians, service managers, sales people and water treatment dealers. While it isn’t translated into Spanish, the WQA has been in the process of translating several of its more basic instruction books into Spanish over the last couple of years. You can inquire about that with Mark Rowzee, WQA education director, or Anne Parissidi, educational program coordinator, at (630) 505-0160.

David H. Paul Inc., of Farmington, N.M., also has developed a variety of materials for several courses he offers on water treatment technology topics. He does charge and they often venture more into municipal and industrial process and wastewater areas, but we’ve heard good things about the programs he’s associated with at several community colleges in the Southwest.

Lastly, you should be aware that the first issue of Agua Latinoamérica—a new magazine from the publisher of WC&P—was mailed in June. It’s in Spanish with select technical articles in Portuguese as well. Similar to WC&P, we’ve put together a group of water treatment experts—including Slovak who splits his time between Reno, Nev., and São Paulo, Brazil, where he serves as a director of a small company—to serve as an advisory council and technical committee. Other groups represented on the committee include NSF International, the Pan American Health Organization and the Asociación Interamericana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental (AIDIS). The new magazine approaches water treatment moreso from a commercial/institutional/light industrial application perspective that hopes to help groom a growing residential market. The articles may also prove useful to your endeavor. And we welcome any contributions you may want to offer editorially. This can be in the form of small news briefs on contracts your company has won or projects successfully completed; promotions or new hires at your offices; new phone numbers or websites; new products, catalogs or services, etc. If you or your staff have the time, we’d even love to publish any case studies or technical articles that you may like to present to us.

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